Jon Gosselin Lashes Out at Twins for Preferring Their Mom


Is this what Hailey Glassman meant when she described Jon Gosselin's "mantrums"?

Monday's series finale featured a surprising exchange between Gosselin, 32, and his twin nine-year-old daughters Mady and Cara.

While making signs outside their house for a lemonade sale, one of the twins -- in an irritable mood -- mutters "I like the stuff we do with Mommy better."

Thus insulted, their father -- wearing a "Lies Lies Lies Lies" t-shirt -- orders them to stop coloring and go inside. "I'm throwing your posters in the garbage and you'll stay home with a baby-sitter while the rest of us go sell lemonade . . OK, you're done. Goodbye."

The twins then stay at home while Gosselin and the 5 year-old sextuplets go to a local firestation to sell lemonade and meet firemen -- and photographers.

Narrating the scene, Gosselin says simply "Mady and Cara weren't having a particularly good day," noting their "attitude."

"I’ve learned I've gotta stop being a kid," Gosselin said later in the finale. "I gotta grow up one day and take responsibility."

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