Kate Hudson: I Had "A Really Fun Summer" With A-Rod

When Kate Hudson appeared on Thursday's Late Show, she tried to dodge questions about her new boyfriend, Yankees star Alex Rodriguez, but David Letterman wouldn't give up.

"You're a big Yankees fan, and you're friends with Alex Rodriguez," he teased Hudson, 30.

Hudson giggled before putting on a straight face.

"Yeah, he's a friend of mine," she said. "Nice guy."

When the Nine star tried to change the subject away from Rodriguez, 34, Letterman persisted.

"So is he a nice guy?" he asked.

"Yeah, he's a nice guy," she responded before giving up. "You just can't help yourself! You just can't! I knew it was going to come at some point!" 

She finally admitted that watching her beau and the team play made for "a really fun summer" and said that the Yankees' World Series win "was awesome."