Loose Talk: 10 Best Celeb Quotes of the Week

Credit: Steve Granitz; Ferdaus Shamim/WireImage

Celebs say the darndest things!

In this week's Loose Talk, take a look back at the outrageous things the stars said this week.

1. "When I look over at [Miley Cyrus] when she's biting into a steak sandwich and there is some steak sauce dripping down her chin, there is nothing sexier than that." -Liam Hemsworth, Who Magazine

2. "My belly is officially bigger than my boobs… Well, kinda." -Jessica Simpson on her baby bump, Twitter

3. "If it doesn't hurt the first time, I'll keep popping them out." -Katy Perry on having children with Russell Brand, The Ellen DeGeneres Show

4. "You shouldn't say that on the air!" He's lying, he's been drinking." -Kelly Ripa after Robert Pattinson admitted to smuggling his dog across borders, Live! with Regis and Kelly

5. "I'm not really gonna float a dog. I'm gonna float a stuffed animal that looks just like [real-life Pomeranian] Charlie Roo." -Nick Cannon on his radio stunt, 92.3's Rollin' 

6. "It's not that deep for me." -Nicole Richie on her fashion sense, WWD

7. "I refused to wear makeup, to have a hairstyle. I refused to shave. I had hairy armpits." -Madonna on her teenage years, Harper's Bazaar

8. "I believe it was while climbing a rope when I was six or seven years old. I mean, nothing came out, but all the other elements were there. I remember getting to the top of the rope, hanging off the rope, and going, 'Oh, my God, this feels great!'" -George Clooney on his first orgasm, Rolling Stone

9. "To get rid of depression, I swim with dolphins." -Patti Stanger, Us

10. "I literally can't tell the women apart. They look like a fire at a wax museum." -Tina Fey on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Us