Michael Bay Attacked on Transformers 4 Set in Hong Kong, Two Men Demand Money

Mega-director Michael Bay was attacked on the Hong Kong set of Transformers 4; his assailants were two brothers demanding $12,900 for reasons unknown Credit: Barry King/FilmMagic

It sounds like a scene from one of his mega-blockbuster action franchise films, but this scuffle was all too real. Hollywood super-director Michael Bay was attacked on the Hong Kong set of Transformers 4 on Thursday, Oct. 16, authorities confirmed to Reuters. Bay, 48, sustained minor injuries on the right side of his face after two unidentified brothers assailed him, according to the report.

The fight began when the siblings approached Bay and demanded $100,000 in HK currency, or about $12,900 in U.S. dollars. The ensuing discussion escalated, and the older brother attacked Bay and, later, three police officers. The younger brother was eventually arrested on suspicion of blackmail and assault, while his older sibling was arrested on suspicion of assault.

Bay declined medical attention for his injuries. The first of the Transformers films not to star Shia LaBeouf or Josh Duhamel, Transformers 4: Age of Extinction stars Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz and Stanley Tucci, among others.