Paris Hilton in the house, people! The socialite, TV star and mogul, 32, dropped by Us Weekly's New York City headquarters earlier this week to talk up her latest projects -- hot new single "Good Time" with AfroJack and Lil Wayne, plus a burgeoning new career as a DJ, with gigs around the world -- and, of course, to gossip! Gabbing with Us' Senior Editor Bradley Jacobs for a very special edition of Hot Stuff, the "Stars Are Blind" singer quickly got nostalgic for her days as a young reality star with pal Nicole Richie on The Simple Life.

Rehashing Fury costars Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf's no-cell-phones allowed camping trip/bonding excursion, Hilton reminisced about her own time roughing it with fellow Hollywood kid Richie, 32. "Nicole and I had our cell phones taken away, we had to fend for ourselves," she recalls. "Kinda reminds me of that. That's one way [for Pitt and LaBeouf] to get into character!"

The businesswoman also gushed to Us about one of Tinseltown's newest couples, Nina Dobrev and Derek Hough -- introduced by none other than Julianne Hough, Dobrev's BFF and Derek's sister. "They make a cute couple," Hilton says. "It's always nice when you're introduced by a sibling."

The most surprising revelation from Ms. Hilton? Her Costco memories! As Jacobs explained the phenom of Costco-loving celebs -- from Bruce Willis to Bethenny Frankel to Jimmy Kimmel (who found his wedding ring through the wholesaler's website!) -- the multimillionaire heiress admitted that she's a fan, too.

"I actually have a lot of memories of Costco," the fashioninsta says. "It's a fun store to go to!"

Watch the rest of Hilton's chat with Us -- her thoughts on Robin Thicke and Paula Patton's romance, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr, and more -- in this unforgettable Hot Stuff clip. Check it out now!