Whitney Cummings Jokes About Being Poor in L.A.

Credit: John M. Heller/Getty Images

Whitney Cummings is poised to become this fall's breakout star. As the star of NBC's Whitney and the co-creator of CBS' Two Broke Girls, the 29-year-old comedienne has a lot to be thankful for -- especially since she was dead broke just a few years ago.

"There was a time in L.A. when I drove to 7-Eleven to go grocery shopping, and I locked my keys in my car, which wasn't insured," Cummings told The New York Times Sunday. "My wallet was in there, and I couldn't call AAA, because I only had $7 in my bank account. It was one of those moments where I was like, 'OK, I literally have nothing right now.'"

Despite her financial shortcomings, Cummings had a sense of humor about her humble beginnings in Hollywood. "I used to buy the Oberto Beef Jerky [at 7-Eleven]. It's delicious," she said. "Some people say I have good skin, and I'm like, 'No, I'm just embalmed from eating preservatives for four years."

Before she hit it big, Cummings -- a staple on E!'s late-night chat fest Chelsea Lately -- made money as a model.

"I did some pretty embarrassing modeling, like catalogs and QVC. I know there's probably a stereotype where all pretty girls think they're unattractive, but modeling is the worst thing for your self-esteem, because you're never pretty enough, you're never thin enough," Cummings told The New York Times. "Have you read my YouTube comments? Everyone thinks I'm 55."