Blondie's Bizarre Beauty Secrets

Blondie's Debbie Harry has gone from Heart of Glass to heart of black sheep embryos! In an interview set to air on The Insider tonight, Harry reveals the secret to looking good at 62: surgery! Hey, at least she's honest. Harry says, "When I was 32 or 35, I read in Vogue magazine about an open-heart surgeon that did fresh cell replacement...I thought this was so logical. So, I did that and I was the youngest person to have ever had that done." Just what does "fresh cell replacement" consist of? "They made injections from the embryo of black sheep and they would take them from the different organs in the sheep and make up these injections." After getting that ewe-sful (ha!) surgery, Harry tells The Insider that she "found a doctor that was giving people with Alzheimer's human growth hormones, which is a little different from the fresh cells, but the same kind of thinking. I don't really have a problem with experimentation and so I experimented." If you're not one for "experimentation," Harry also recommends an old standby. "Facial surgery which of course, is essential." Talk to Us: