Is Tom Brady's Mini-Ponytail Hot or Not?

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Celebrity Style Mar. 8, 2011 AT 1:12PM
Is Tom Brady's Mini-Ponytail Hot or Not? Credit: Alex/Gabriel/AKM Images

Tom Brady must've had some hair envy when Justin Bieber changed up his famous mop-top. Not to be outdone, the 33-year-old New England Patriots quarterback debuted his own new 'do at Carnival in Brazil. It looks like he just might have borrowed wife Gisele Bundchen's hair scrunchie to secure his own tiny ponytail.

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Not everyone is loving Brady's newly tied-back tresses. Yahoo! Sports' blog Shutdown Corner mocked the athlete's "handsome little ponytail" and pointed out not everyone finds the style "to be the most masculine look in the world."

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