Kendall Jenner Reveals How She Steals Her Sister Kylie's Clothes: I'm a 'Silent Thief'

Confession time! Kendall Jenner admitted she's been stealing her sisters' clothing for years, and she's gotten really good at it.

In a new post on her site, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 20, revealed her strategy for thieving that keeps her sisters — especially Kylie Jenner — in the dark about her nefarious activity.

"Admission of guilt: I always used to steal clothes from Kylie when she was out of the house. I'd wait until she'd go downstairs, and then I'd strike!" Jenner wrote. "She was the easiest target because we were the exact same size! (Also because, out of all my siblings, it made her the most upset 😉)."

What kept her from getting caught? Staying organized. "I was the silent thief — very meticulous and neat, lol," she explained.

And she's not the only closet-raiding sister. "Ky was actually the worst at taking clothes from me. I ALWAYS knew," she noted. "The hangers would be messed up and she'd just leave messy evidence."

But the Estee Lauder brand ambassador isn't stealthy all the time. As Us Weekly previously reported, the girls got into a blow-out fight over a dress Kendall wanted to take from Kylie during season 11 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians

"She can't wear that," Kylie told her assistant during the argument, which took place as the two got ready for the August 2015 ESPYs. "So just take it out of her bag."

"You're just literally the biggest f--king bitch I've ever met," Kendall sniped back. Kylie responded with, "Uh, touché!"

On their way out, Kendall stopped by to say hello to Kylie's dog, Norman. "I'm sorry your mom is such a c--t," she said in a baby voice.

The two later made amends on the red carpet so they could support dad Caitlyn Jenner, who accepted the Arthur Ashe Courage Award that night.

Do you think Kendall is a good fashion bandit?

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