Rob Pattinson Debuts Crazy Hair to Fans at Comic-Con

Celebrity Style Jul. 21, 2011 AT 5:18PM
Rob Pattinson Debuts Crazy Hair to Fans at Comic-Con Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Summit Entertainment

Get a little crazy with the clippers?

Robert Pattinson showed off his wacky, lopsided hairdo to fans at Comic-Con in San Diego on Thursday. Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner joined the Twilight hunk to discuss Breaking Dawn - Part 1, which hits theaters Nov. 18.

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Pattinson's crazy, half-shaved haircut -- which is long and floppy on one side, raggedly buzzed on the other -- is for his role in the trippy thriller Cosmopolis. In one scene of the film, he freaks out mid-haircut and flees the NYC barber shop before the process is complete.

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In Breaking Dawn, Pattinson, 25, is back playing Edward Cullen on the silver screen. Stewart, 21, returns as Bella Swan; she becomes pregnant with Edward's child and then delivers a half-vampire, half-human baby. At a press conference, the cast described the birth scenes as "hardcore" and "graphic."

"For a fantasy series that's aimed at a young audience, it goes quite far," Pattinson said. "It's quite graphic. There's no way to do it in any kind of tame way."

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Stewart agreed: "It's not your typical birthing scene. It took two days to shoot, two days of labor. In the book, there's this part where she's literally choking on blood that she's been drinking, and [she's] out of her mind."

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