Summer Staples You Can Still Get

Credit: LIMELIGHTPICS.US; Charlotte Russe

Sometimes it really sucks when it's still hot outside, and you're just not ready to buy a shearling or grey wool tights. For those who are not ready for diving head first into fall shopping, there are still bits and pieces of high-summer merchandise looks out there to be had.

The romper was the definite must have item, and it's not too late to find one. You can even make it a transition piece by layering a lightweight cardigan over it! Ashley Tisdale loved this $143 Seneca Rising romper, but by this point, it may be sold out. I found a mirror match in a deeper tone for $36 at Charlotte Russe. I think this is just the perfect thing when you want to sport something short and very easy to wear. I was blown away with the ease of it all, and grabbed several of these to wear into next spring and summer. Because they're solid, you're not going to have a problem moving these into next year.

Limit your accessories and give one piece of jewelry centerpiece prominence. Dress it up with a pump; dress it down with a flat sandal or flip flop. You can start wearing a boot with this as well.

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