Us Holiday Gift Guide: Brolly Holidays

Credit: Ursula Foulser

Ellen Tien was a columnist in the New York Times Styles section for 12 years and has written for O Magazine, Vogue and Rolling Stone. From now until December 24, she will be providing a daily tip on stylish presents to make your holiday shopping even easier.

Sleek and super-engineered, Davek umbrellas are the Mercedes of rain gear, the perfect present for Edward Cullen--or anyone else in a similarly stormy state.

Steel reinforcements prevent the umbrellas from falling apart; if a sudden gust turns them inside-out, a touch of a button sets them straight again (they also open and close automatically). In fact, the company is so certain of their product’s invincibility, each umbrella comes with a lifetime guarantee as well as loss insurance.

$99 for the full size, $79 for the travel size at, 15 percent off on all website purchases with use of the code US222.

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