Martha Stewart Reveals She's Sexted During a Round of 'Never Have I Ever' With Snoop Dogg and Anna Kendrick

Martha Stewart Reveals She's Sexted During a Round of 'Never Have I Ever' With Snoop Dogg and Anna Kendrick

The more you know! Martha Stewart revealed she’s sexted during a round of “Never Have I Ever” with Snoop Dogg and Anna Kendrick on the Wednesday, October 26, episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Watch the crazy clip above!

Ellen DeGeneres gave each celeb a sign that read “I Have” on one side and “I Have Never” on the other. The talk show host, 58, told her guests that they must be 100 percent honest with their answers — a.k.a. hold up their signs accordingly — as she read off a series of statements.

She kicked off the game with a very NSFW topic. “Never have I ever sexted,” DeGeneres said.

Snoop, 45, and Kendrick, 31, had no shame and immediately revealed that they both have engaged in some X-rated iMessage convos. Though Stewart, 75, paused for a moment, she finally held up her sign to admit that not even she can resist the temptation of sending a dirty text here and there.

For her part, DeGeneres said that she has never sexted. The former '90s sitcom star then looked at Stewart with a surprised expression and said, “Martha! You’ve sexted? Do you know what that is?”

She jokingly shot back: “I have used technology for a lot longer than you have, Ellen.”

“Yow!” an amused DeGeneres responded before pressing for more facts: “To who? Is this someone current, or is it someone from a while ago?”

Stewart — whose VH1 series with Snoop, Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party, premieres on November 7 — then looked down at her handheld sign and sarcastically replied: “It doesn’t say ‘None of your business’ on here.”

This isn’t the first time the lifestyle guru has hinted at her naughty cellphone habit. During a June 2013 appearance on Watch What Happens Live, the Martha Stewart Weddings founder nodded "yes" when asked by show host Andy Cohen if she had ever sexted.

“I'm so happy to hear that! So that's who those texts were from the other night," Cohen, 48, quipped at the time. "Martha!"

Watch the funny video above.

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