Review | It's Complicated

Credit: Melinda Sue Gordon


In this funny but flabby comedy, a Santa Barbara, California, divorcee (Meryl Streep, who earned Golden Globe nods for this as well as Julie & Julia) meets an eligible architect (Steve Martin) just when her lecherous former hubby (Alec Baldwin) returns to her life. Streep's and Baldwin's characters bounce back into bed, but she's then filled with remorse about becoming the "other woman," as her ex now has a bitch-on-heels of a younger wife (Lake Bell). The two actors make a fun pair and feel believable as former mates working through unfinished business (and seeing Baldwin's hairy, husky torso is funny and revolting at the same time). But this Sex and the City for an older generation, written and directed by Nancy Meyers (Something's Gotta Give), gets off to a slow start and then suffers from pacing that's as uneven as the script. Though Martin's sweet in a scene in which he and Streep's upscale bakery owner make chocolate croissants, he mostly seems uncomfortable in this role. And while Streep is good as always, she's simply playing it for laughs. Nothing too complicated here.