Seth Meyers Makes Late Night Debut With Opening Monologue, Guests Amy Poehler and Joe Biden

For Weekend Update to Late Night! On Monday, Feb. 24, Seth Meyers made his debut as host of NBC's Late Night, after predecessor Jimmy Fallon moved to the Tonight Show. The 40-year-old former SNL star started the show with a cold open spoof of Fallon's previous "Thank You Notes" segment.

"Thank you, Jimmy Fallon, for taking over the Tonight Show at 11:30, so I could take over Late Night at 12:30," Meyers wrote. "I promise to treat it with respect and dignity, and to only use it to do completely original comedy pieces . . . starting now."

Meyers then officially kicked off his first show, and decided to "shake stuff up" by opening with a monologue. "Well, the Winter Olympics in Sochi came to an end last night," Meyers began his first joke. "So, for the next four years, if you go skiing with a rifle on your back, you're just a crazy person."

The comedian's first guest was his former SNL costar and Weekend Update co-anchor Amy Poehler. "You are going to do such a wonderful job," the Parks and Recreation actress told the host. "I have watched you for 13 years pretend to listen to people," she quipped. Poehler also cracked a joke about Meyers' bandleader, another SNL alum, Fred Armisen, saying, "It's hard sometimes to be friends after being very turbulent lovers."

Poehler also used her appearance on Meyers' show to address her and pal Tina Fey's feud and prank war with George Clooney following their gig as Golden Globes co-hosts. "I want to say something to George Clooney that no woman has ever said to him: 'George, please stop,'" she joked. 

But it was Poehler who had to stop when Meyers' second guest took the stage: Joe Biden. The actress called the Vice President, a former Parks and Recreation guest star, a "gorgeous charm monster" and tried to sit on his lap. 

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