‘Saturday Night Live’ Pokes Fun at Bachelor Nick Viall With ‘Beard Hunk’ Sketch

‘Saturday Night Live’ Pokes Fun at Bachelor Nick Viall With ‘Beard Hunk’ Sketch

Love it or hate it, The Bachelor is here to stay. And on Saturday, January 14, the cast of Saturday Night Live and host Felicity Jones poked fun at current Bachelor star Nick Viall with its own "Beard Hunk" sketch.

In the 4-minute skit, Beard Hunk (Beck Bennett) hangs out on a bench surrounded by romantic candles and greenery, showing off his impressive “sculpted beard” as a steady stream of contestants try their best to impress them, a la the first night on each of the series’ 21 seasons.

First up is Raquel (Cecily Strong), who describes herself as “the worst girl in any room” she’s in and tells Beard Hunk that she’s a business owner. When he asks what kind, she doesn’t miss a beat — “OK, I’m not” — and drifts off into the night as another woman approaches the bench to “steal” Beard Hunk for a moment.

Up next is Whatever (Vanessa Bayer), a spacey 26-year-old who tells Beard Hunk that she’s “looking for a husband even though [she’s] not old enough to vote.” She’s interrupted by Ashley (Jones), who doesn’t hesitate to offer up some pretty personal details, including the fact that she’s a twin, spent five years of her life in an incubator, and has five STDs (which Beard Hunk doesn’t seem to mind).

Other contestants include Kate McKinnon, who never discloses her name but reveals that she and Beard Hunk were married just last year (“Oh, hi!” he says in response), and a veterinarian who doesn’t have a gag reflex but does have “four very sharp teeth.”

Watch the clip above to see all the zany introductions, and find out which girl got the boot!

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