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Jessica Alba Reveals Her Secret To a Happy Family Life: Having Girls’ Nights Out to Complain About Your Husband

Jessica Alba

She’s telling it like it is! Jessica Alba reveals the secret to a harmonious family life in the latest issue of Self Magazine—making sure you make time to go out with your girlfriends and moan about your husband!

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In the revealing interview, the actress and star of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, talks honestly about a host of issues from husband Cash Warren, to the monotony of exercise and the strategic choices she has to make between alcohol and dessert to keep her killer body looking so hot. Jessica Alba Self magazine Red Dress

Weighing in on the importance of time out of family life for busy moms, the actress told readers the day to day drudgery of homemaking becomes fun when you get a chance to take some perspective.

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“You’ve got to have the girls’ night out to complain about your husband or whatever it is,” the mom of two said. “You have some fun, then you can go and enjoy the work, and you can take pride in it instead of it depleting you and being a burden.”

Alba, who turned 33 in April, is enjoying the wisdom which comes with her advancing years. “I had this ‘Aaagh!’ I’m not in my 20s anymore! What does it all mean?’ kind of freak-out,” she shared with the magazine. “[But] I feel much better at 33 than I did at 23, even than I did at 30.”

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One thing she hasn’t made peace with however, is the duty she feels to exercise. “I hate working out. It’s boring!” she admitted. “I really only did it when I had a job that was physically demanding. But from age 17 until I was 27, all I did were movies that were physically demanding—so all I did was work out all the time!”

But while she may not enjoy exercising, there’s no doubt when you look at her figure that Alba spends plenty of time toning up. And as her workout trainers reveal, the actress’ flawless figure is not the result of skimping on a fitness regime.

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“Jess is an animal,” choreographer Jennifer Johnson, one of Alba’s fitness trainers and founder of The JJ Dancer Technique, told Self. “She works like crazy. She’s still hungry to make it happen. You know that saying, ‘You have just as many hours in the day as Beyonce?’ It’s the same with Jessica. She just uses those hours better, too.”

Jessica Alba Self magazine close up

And although working out is a chore, the slender actress revealed she has found a diet regime that works for herself and her two daughters Honor, 6, and Haven, 2.

“I have the same food philosophy for myself as I do for my kids,” she explained. “We eat mostly lean protein and fresh fruit and vegetables, nothing processed or from a box, if we can. For me, when I don’t eat a ton of carbs, I have more energy. But I’ll for sure have a piece of chocolate. I will mow through a bowl of guacamole. If I’m not going to have dessert, I’ll have a martini.”


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