Little People, Big World’s Tori Roloff Learns an Important Lesson at Disneyland With Zach and Jackson

Tori Roloff Has a 'Miserable' Day at Disney With Zach and Jackson
Tori Roloff with Zach and Jackson Courtesy of Tori Roloff/Instagram

Nothing ever goes according to plan when toddlers are involved, but Tori Roloff couldn’t felt but feel a little disappointed when a trip to Disneyland “went south.” 

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The Little People, Big World star, who shares 20-month-old son Jackson with her husband, Zach Roloff, opened up about the experience in an Instagram post on Tuesday, January 8.  

“What a day. It started out pretty miserable,” Tori wrote. The drama began when Jackson injured himself. “Jackson is prone to nursemaids elbow (could be a dwarfism thing or it could just be a Jackson thing),” the 27-year-old photographer wrote. “He was pulling away from me in line and it happened. I knew right away that we were in trouble and Jackson would need to see a doctor.”

Tori admitted she was “so bummed” that they had to leave her “favorite place on earth” but mostly because her child was suffering.

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The reality stars took Jackson to get checked out, but by that point the pain had subsided and he was using his arm again. Soon Tori, Zach, 28, and Jackson were back at Disneyland.

“It was a good reminder for myself. I tend to put a lot of excitement and expectations on Disney because it’s such a special place to me,” Tori wrote. “But it was a good reminder that things don’t always go according to plan and you have to roll with life.” 

Zach and Jackson were both born with a type of dwarfism called achondroplasia. When a pregnant Tori learned of Jackson’s diagnosis at an ultrasound appointment, a wave of fear washed over. But that feeling quickly passed. “I have the best resources at the palm of my hands and I was fortunate to have some background knowledge,” she shared during an Instagram Q&A in October. “I can only imagine the fear of a parent who has no experience with dwarfism.”

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The former kindergarten teacher welcomes inquiries about Jackson’s stature. “I will never shy away from questions,” she explained that month. “Parents should never reprimand or yell at their child for asking questions. Educate don’t hate.”

Tori and Zach tied the knot in July 2015

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