Woman Throws Adorable Gender Reveal Party for Rescued Chicken

The Funky Chicken
The Funky Chicken Facebook

When pets become family. A woman in California threw an adorable gender reveal party for a chicken she rescued in July.

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Animal lover Darcy Smith saved the approximately 4-month-old chick, who she named “Funky Chicken” from a home in Rancho Cordova, California.

The 2-legged friend, who suffered from malnourishment prior to being rescued was taken to taken to Sacramento SPCA for recovery.

Smith told Inside Edition on Thursday, August 31, that it’s difficult to decipher a chicken’s gender at such a young age: “You don’t know until later,” then added, “they’re either going to ‘cock-a-doodle-doo’ or lay an egg.”

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As the curiosity surrounding Funky Chicken’s gender intensified — especially from fans on the chicken’s Facebook page, the California native decided to throw a gender reveal party.

“We took a poll, [in] which most people thought [Funky] was a girl and then we led up to it,” Smith explained to Inside Edition.

A family friend, along with Smith’s 11-year-old daughter, Jessalyn, helped pull off the flawless celebration.

In the video documenting the reveal party, Smith’s home is outfitted with festive decorations as Funky Chicken adorably pecks at homemade cupcakes with pink and blue decorative icing. Inside each cupcake was blue filling — indicating that Funky was a rooster, not a hen.

After the reveal, Funky Chicken was joined by several of his feathery pals on the 20-acre ranch for a celebratory treat. The flock dined on cupcakes off pink and blue plates.

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Of the party, Smith couldn’t help but gush, telling Inside Edition: “It was very funny, but it was cute. They all loved the cupcakes. I’ve never given them anything sweet like that, but it was a hit.”

And one thing Smith wanted to make clear to fans of Funky Chicken: She strongly believes in pet rescue and adoption.

“I hope by posting Funky and his videos and how sweet it is, that it will bring awareness to adoption and rescue of animals of all kinds. There are so many animals out there that need a home.”

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