Andy Samberg Wears Bubble Boy Suit on Jimmy Kimmel Live to Stop Infecting Everyone With the Flu!

Andy Samberg is Bubble Boy! The future 2015 Emmys host appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday, July 2, in a full on, ventilated bubble suit. The reason for his bizarre get up? He’s got the flu!

While Kimmel tried to suggest it was ABC execs who wanted to protect the crew and audience from contracting the virus, Samberg told his show host he had other suspicions as to the origin of the Bubble Boy suit request.

“I talked to a couple of ABC execs and they said you wanted it,” Samberg said, before listing off the drugs he’s currently on to keep his illness at bay. “I’m on all kinds of meds, my head’s a little soupy,” he admitted. “This feels like a dream!”

Andy Samberg
Andy Samberg is Bubble Boy on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Jimmy Kimmel Live

Sadly, Samberg didn’t have any sneak preview tidbits to share about his Emmy prep. “I’ve been ill,” he said, defensively when Kimmel asked.

“When do you think you will start working on it?” Kimmel persisted.

“Some time in the next couple of months,” the comedian joked.

Watch the whole bizarre interview (which even manages to have its serious moments!) in the clip above.

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