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Avicii: 25 Things You Didn’t Know About the Late DJ (Exclusive)

Avicii 25 Things
Avicii reveals 25 things about himself to Us Weekly. Kane Hibberd/(RED) via Getty

Avicii died at the age of 28 on Friday, April 20. The Swedish DJ and producer, who retired from touring in 2016, was best known for hits such as “Wake Me Up,” “Hey Brother” and “Without You.” In 2014, the star revealed 25 things fans may have not known about him.

1. Grand Theft Auto 5 is my drug.

2. I don’t believe in ghosts.

3. I do believe in outer space.

4. Lately I’ve been hanging out in the studio with Chris Martin and Wyclef!

5. My mother, Anki Liden, is a famous Swedish actress who starred in the Oscar-nominated film My Life as a Dog.

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6. My first DJ gig was a school prom for 40 teens!

7. I’ve never had a real job.

8. I just recently bought my first house.

9. I had trouble with acne growing up, and it made me a great deal more shy.

10. I started wearing caps because my hair looked ridiculous after every show from all the sweat and the onstage fans blowing on me.

11. My guilty pleasure is gossip magazines.

12. I haven’t had a drink in more than a year.

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13. I’m a huge movie fan.

14. My girlfriend is a brunette.

15. I’m still terrified to speak in front of people.

16. I’ve watched all of Arrested Development and South Park six times.

17. I’ve also read all the Game of Thrones books three times.

18. I have two brothers and a sister.

19. Songwriting hasn’t been a lifelong dream of mine, but one that came along when I was 16 years old.

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20. My favorite band as a kid was Kiss.

21. I have a mini-Pomeranian named Oliver.

22. My manager, Ash, is like a brother to me.

23. Melody has always been what gets me. Genre has never mattered.

24. I’m 24, but I feel 35 from everything I’ve experienced.

25. Everyone says they have the coolest fans, but I actually do.

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