Bill Cosby Refuses to Address Sexual Assault Claims, Tells Reporter to “Scuttle” Footage: See the Video

Wow, that’s awkward. The AP has released a previously unseen video of Bill Cosby, interviewed on Thursday, Nov. 6, in which he was asked to respond to accusations of sexual assault.

A steely faced Cosby, 77, who was seated next to his wife Camille, was caught off guard when a reporter from the outlet asked him about the claims that were circulating. The star did respond, although his response was that there was no comment.

Surprised to be asked the question, the Cosby Show alum quickly stopped the interviewer in his tracks. “No, no, we don’t answer that,” he said, definitively. But the reporter pushed the issue, offering the star a chance to respond to the accusations, something Cosby did not appreciate.

“There is no comment about that and I’ll tell you why. I think you were told, I don’t want to compromise your integrity, but I don’t talk about it.”

At the end of the on-screen interview, while cameras were still rolling, a clearly rattled, but very composed Cosby took the reporter to task, requesting nothing he said would make the final cut.

Cosby AP video
Bill Cosby was asked to respond to rape allegations during an interview with the AP on November 6 Courtesy AP

“Now can I get something from you,” Cosby asked, in his trademark drawl. “That none of that will be shown?”

The evidently uncomfortable reporter explained it wasn’t within his power to promise that, but that he’d talk to his boss and pass on his request.

The cringingly awkward exchange continued: “You didn’t say anything,” the reporter insisted.

“I know I didn’t say anything, but I’m asking your integrity that since I didn’t want to say anything, but I did answer you in terms of I didn’t want to say anything, what value would it have?” Cosby demanded.

“I would appreciate it if it was scuttled. I think if you want to consider yourself to be serious, that it will not appear anywhere.”

Cosby then went on to suggest another offscreen observer get on the phone instantly with the reporter’s boss to ensure the footage was deleted.

Watch the entire uncomfortable exchange in the video above.

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