Donald Trump Says He Has a Backup Plan If He’s No Longer the Republican Front-Runner

Donald Trump has a backup plan
Donald Trump says he has a backup plan if he slips in the polls as the Republican front-runner for president of the U.S. 

Having doubts? After leading the polls since he announced his candidacy in June for the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Republican front-runner Donald Trump admitted on Tuesday, Sept. 29, that if things don't go his way, he has a backup plan.

During an interview with Matt Lauer on the Today show, the morning show host noted the fact fact that one of the businessman's for the Republican nomination, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, is in a virtual tie with Trump, polling only one point behind the real estate mogul.

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"It's an ebb and flow, but I'm leading every single poll and most of them by a substantial number," Trump replied. "Can I keep that going? I have no idea but I will try."

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The former Apprentice host did kind of concede that his lead is not as strong as it once was, and when Lauer asked, "Do you have the stomach to stick this out?" Trump — who has stirred up controversy with his inflammatory statements about immigrants, women, and even his fellow candidates — was more of a realist in his reply.

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"Well, I'm a practical person, Matt, if I see things aren't going well, like for instance, there are people right now in the Republican party, who are not doing well — I don't think it's going to change for them — at some point you have to get out," he said. "So if I think for some reason it's not gonna work, I will go back to my business. There's no question about that. But right now I think it's working very very well."

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