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FOX Business Network’s Melissa Francis: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

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Television anchor Melissa Francis, 39 (her new show MONEY with Melissa Francis will premiere Monday, June 4 at 5 p.m. ET on the FOX Business Network) shares the 25 things you don't know about her with Us Weekly.

1. Jason Bateman and I played adopted siblings on Little House on the Prairie for two seasons, and I had a huge crush on him the whole time.

2. I have a book coming out in November where I dish on everyone called Diary of a Stage Mother's Daughter. If you knew me growing up, watch out!

3. I've warned my in-laws: they're the sequel.

4. I have the ugliest feet in the world. You'll never see them.

5. I married my husband because he said my feet aren't ugly — just sad.

6. I'll do anything to make my co-anchor Lori Rothman laugh at an inappropriate moment during our show on FOX Business. That's what Michael Landon did to us on Little House, and I can't shake the habit.

7. I did my first commercial when I was less than a year old for Johnson & Johnson No More Tears Shampoo.

8. I was in close to a hundred commercials after that.

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9. I was the captain of the Harvard Polo Team in college. It's actually a very rough sport.

10. My guilty pleasure is the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Real Housewives of Atlanta. My husband leaves the room when they start yelling at each other, but I turn up the volume.

11. I ran hurdles in high school and was cast in a Frosted Flakes commercial showing off the skill as a result.

12. I was Kourtney Kardashian on the Today Show for Halloween, reinforcing the idea that I look terrible with dark hair.

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13. I am very clumsy. I've tripped on live television and try not to move around too much now.

14. I had 20-500 vision before I had LASIK surgery.

15. My two sons are the most handsome boys in the entire world. That's not an opinion; it's a fact.

16. I had to go to the ER once because I sliced my hand cutting a bagel. I told everyone I was running with scissors, because that's the only thing that's dumber.

17. I have a Peeps addiction.

18. I have moved 15 times since college. I don't recommend that.

19. On TV and in movies, I've played the daughter of Glenn Close, Ted Danson, Martin Sheen, Blythe Danner and Michael Landon, among others.

20. My first news job was an internship for the FOX affiliate in LA.

21. I managed a tech support team for Harvard Business School while I was in college. I also worked in the dorm kitchen. Briefly.

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22. I wrote my entire memoir in the hair and makeup chair every morning getting ready to go on air. It only took six months.

23. I can't touch suede. It gives me the chills for some strange reason.

24. My husband is the most fun person I've ever met.

25. It drives me nuts when people make emotional arguments ignoring the cold hard facts. That's why I'm launching my new show, Money with Melissa Francis, where you get the real story about your money.