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Hilary Duff Wonders What Disney Character Lizzie McGuire Is Doing in 2014: She’s Probably Still “Wearing Butterfly Clips”

Hilary Duff Lizzie McGuire Disney Come Clean Songs
Hilary Duff dished what her Disney character Lizzie McGuire would be up to in 2014; plus, the singer revealed which one of her songs is her favorite! 

This is truly what dreams are made of! Hilary Duff speculated with BuzzFeed about what her beloved Disney Channel character, Lizzie McGuire, would be up to in 2014 in an interview published Tuesday, Nov. 25.

“I don’t think she’d be married to Gordo,” Duff, 27, said of her character’s best friend. “I don’t know, I think she’d go off to college and potentially become a little cooler than she was, but still not bitchy at all. I think she’s just the biggest-hearted girl ever.”

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Adam Lamberg and Hilary Duff on Lizzie McGuire

After college, Duff — who also revealed to BuzzFeed that she had recently relocated to Brooklyn — imagined that McGuire moved to NYC, where her parents “would probably follow her and rent an apartment secretly.” The actress, who portrayed the show’s lead in 65 episodes as well as The Lizzie McGuire Movie, continued to paint a flattering future for her teenage alter-ego.

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“I think she’s pretty smart,” Duff mused. “I can imagine her being on a path to something really special and great, but I feel like she’d still be working her way through the office grind and she’d probably constantly embarrass herself — mishaps in the office all the time. And she’d probably still be wearing butterfly clips, bringing it back!”

As for whether Duff (now a mother to 2-year-old son Luca) keeps in touch with her former costars? “I remember one time I was plugging my meter outside,” she told the site, “and I saw Hallie [Todd], who played my mom on the show, and I was like, ‘Oh my god!’ I cried on the street. We all, I think, hold each other in a really special place.”

Adam Lamberg and Hilary Duff

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Duff rose to fame as a Disney star and secured her place as a teen idol after releasing her 2003 album Metamorphosis. She revealed which one of her songs — including hits like “So Yesterday,” “Come Clean,” “Why Not,” “Wake Up,” “What Dreams Are Made Of,” and “Fly” — was her favorite.

“Maybe ‘Come Clean’ is one of my favorite ones that I continue to listen to,” Duff revealed. “I mean, my voice, I feel like I sound like such a baby, but it’s just a pretty solid song. It’s a good song that has withstood years and years of music changing and all that.”

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She also recalled how thrilled she was when the producers behind Laguna Beach chose the single as the reality show’s theme song. “I never got to watch it like everyone else did, but I was very familiar with a lot of episodes and what the storyline was about, and I’d talk about it with my friends,” dished Duff.

“When MTV called to [use my song], I was like, Wait, what? I was confused because reality shows weren’t really [a thing], so I was like, I guess I don’t know, and I said okay. And then they used another one of my songs for the show Sweet 16, and that was a song my sister [Haylie Duff] and I wrote together — so I was, like, just killin’ it on MTV!”

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