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Jana Kramer Admits She’s ‘Depressed’ Following Coronavirus Travel Controversy

Sharing her truth. Jana Kramer admitted that she is suffering from depression following her controversial decision to travel abroad amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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“I think it’s important to voice how you’re feeling. If I’m being honest I’ve hit all the different waves,” the One Tree Hill alum, 36, wrote via Instagram on Saturday, March 21. “I was naive in the beginning, terrified last week, nervous, anxious, scared and now today I’m depressed. It hit me like a damn truck this morning. Just out of nowhere I started crying. I think I shocked [my husband] Mike [Caussin].”

Kramer continued, “I was having guilt for feeling those emotions because I’m not sick, my family isn’t sick so how can I be upset? But I believe we are entitled to feeling upset because of the times right now. We are all financially stressed and it keeps me up thinking how I’m gonna support my family when I can’t work.”

Jana Kramer Opens Up About Being Depressed Amid Pandemic
Jana Kramer Courtesy of Jana Kramer/Instagram

The “I Hope It Rains” singer noted that “hiding in the depression isn’t good” and that “reaching out and telling” others about your struggles is the best solution. “This is me saying ‘Hey, I’m having a hard time and you’re not alone,’” she shared. “Can we all be kind in the comments and be there for those that are also having a hard time?”

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Kramer added that she believes she will “get out of this rut” by helping others in need, noting that “helping others ALWAYS makes me feel better.”

The following day, the “Beautiful Lies” singer gave an update on how she was holding up. Along with her message, she shared a photo of herself smiling with daughter Jolie, 4, and son Jace, 15 months.

“Okay, so clearly yesterday I had a day which I think we are all entitled too,” she noted via Instagram. “But today I made a choice to get outta bed and choose happiness. How are y’all today?!?”

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On March 15, Kramer revealed that she was “a bundle of nerves and anxiety as panic spreads” over the novel coronavirus. Two days prior, she had defended her decision to travel with her family to Canada to work on a film as the outbreak worsened. However, production on her project was later canceled and she returned home on Wayne Gretzky’s private jet.

“I can admit when I’m wrong and I feel like I should have listened, but I didn’t want to live in fear and I also trusted production that everything was better in Canada (it is as of now). So because production wasn’t shutting down we left as advised,” she revealed in an Instagram update on March 17. “As the hours literally kept passing, there were new rules, precautions etc. to follow so my concern grew larger. As of today, we shot our first and only scene.”

Kramer continued, “The [Canadian] Prime Minister put more restrictions on and the production did the absolute right thing by shutting us down. It’s safer for ALL THOSE THAT CAN to be home, and hunker down so we can stop the spread and keep our families and friends and people next to us healthy.”

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