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Joey Lawrence: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

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Joey Lawrence shares 25 things you don't know about him. 

Whoa! Blossom alum Joey Lawrence, 36, spills his secrets to Us Weekly. Catch him on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC's diving competition Splash — he's the co-host — or this summer on ABC Family's Melissa & Joey, airing Wednesdays at 8 p.m. beginning May 29.

1. I'm currently filming both Melissa & Joey and Splash simultaneously — so I travel from show to show (CBS Radford Studio City to Riverside) via helicopter! It takes 29 minutes, but driving at that time in traffic would take two hours.

2. I love to build model cars.

3. I have triple jointed thumbs — I can bend them all the way back!

4. I can make a cricket sound that sounds totally real.

5. When I was in school, my favorite subject was history. I love European Renaissance history and American history the most.

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6. Some of the coolest places I ever traveled were Finland, Rome, and Monte Carlo — but I don't love traveling because I've done it so much for work!

7. My idea of a perfect vacation is going to Hawaii and sitting on a beach.

8. My guilty pleasure TV show is The Bachelor! I'm hooked! And The Bachelorette! It's a train wreck in slow motion — I can't look away!

9. My favorite show is Episodes with Matt LeBlanc.

10. Chippendales was the craziest thing I've ever done! But I wouldn't trade it for anything because it was a lot of fun.

11. The first acting gig I ever got was a Cracker Jack commercial when I was 5.

12. One of my dear friends is Ted Wass, who was the dad on Blossom! He actually directed the pilot of Melissa & Joey.

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13. I had a Christie Brinkley poster when I was a kid because I loved her in National Lampoon's Summer Vacation! I was obsessed with her! I also had a huge crush on Cindy Crawford.

14. I'm a diehard fan of the Indiana Jones trilogy — but the last one [Crystal Skull] was horrible!

15. My dream would be to be a part of the next three Star Wars movies. I have my own light sabers at home.

16. We have a turtle named Suzie and a couple of beta fish named Finn and Bubbles. Our goldfish kept dying!

17. I'm a strict dad! I'm not trying to be my daughters' BFF. I'm more of a traditional dad.

18. I'm a crazy Lakers fan and Dodgers fan — but I'm also a HUGE Eagles fan because I'm originally from Philadelphia.

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19. Michael Jackson, Prince, and Stevie Wonder are my favorite artists to emulate through my music — I'm working on a new album.

20. I am a great cook, and my favorite thing to cook is a healthy eggplant parmesan — grilled with egg whites and soy protein! I'd love to write a healthy cookbook.

21. My mom saved all of my plaid shirts from Blossom! My mom actually came up with the plaid shirts and the ripped jeans! She gave that idea to the costumer, who loved it, and that became my look.

22. I met my wife at Disney World when I was 16 and on vacation. We went out, broke up, reunited years later, and got married there at Disney World in 2005!

23. I'm fluent in Latin. Unfortunately it's useless.

24. I would love to do another show with my brothers. It would be like a Brotherly Love 2.0!

25. I still remember my dance moves from DWTS. I bust them out at a club or a party once in a while to surprise people. You can do a great salsa to "Suit & Tie" by Justin Timberlake.

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