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Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley

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Full Name: Christie Brinkley
Hometown: Monroe, MI
Birthday: February 2, 1954

Girl next door: Still the model of effortless all-American style, the sun-kissed icon was raised in California, and arrived in New York in the late ’70s by way of Paris, when Ford Models begged her to relocate. “I thought I would stay for three months,” says Brinkley, who’s been a presence in the city every since. Formally speaking: “My formal is still everybody else’s casual,” says the veteran of couture shoots and galas, who now considers the Hamptons her permanent home. “Casual at my house means a bathing suit with a sarong, or cutoffs and a T-shirt. But casual at other people’s homes means dripping the latest jewelry and a chic little number.” Christie’s closet: “You can go in there and find stuff from a trip to Morocco and come out looking like a Berber,” she says. “Or any kind of Western garb known to mankind: fringe jackets galore, embroidered cowgirl shirts. It’s really a hilarious closet!” A fashion fan of: “I love Jennifer Aniston’s style, It’s a little bit sexy without being overboard,” the environmental activist says. “I’ve rarely seen a picture of her where I haven’t wanted the outfit.”

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