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Kate Gosselin: “I’d Work at McDonald’s to Support Kids”

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Could Kate Gosselin soon be asking if you want fries with that? 

The mom of eight, 34, called into The View Monday to say she'd take a job at McDonald's to support her kids if it came down to it. (A few hours earlier, she appeared on the Today show.)

Finding alternate work may be necessary now that Jon has halted production on her TLC reality show and left her with just $1,346 (down from $231,000) in a shared bank account, she said. 

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"We're on temporary holding right now. A lot of this stuff is out of my control," she said. "I can tell you that my kids are upset that it's on hold, that the opportunities that they did have. For example, they're supposed to be in New York. We were supposed to come up this weekend and see the Statue of Liberty and they don't understand why we can't do that now. So for myself and the kids, I'm hoping it goes on for the opportunities as well as, obviously, the financial. I mean, essentially, it's my job, and I'm hoping to continue working."

And if it doesn't?

"I do know that no matter what, I know within myself that if I have to work at McDonald's, I will do what it takes to provide for my kids, period," she said.

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Former co-host Lisa Ling, who was guest hosting the show Monday, challenged Kate's desire to keep her kids on TV as they grapple with their parents' split.

"My parents got a divorce. I can't even imagine any of it being on television," Ling said. "I don't see what the problem is with stopping the show or taking the kids off the show for a period of time until things can get resolved…There have got to be other ways to make money than putting your kids on television."

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