Katy Perry Gave Up Alcohol for Three Months After Russell Brand Divorce: It Was “Devastating”

Katy Perry
Katy Perry says she gave up drinking alcohol for three "devastating" months after her split from ex-husband Russell Brand Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Katy Perry may have been living off Flamin' Hot Cheetos and alcohol for the first couple of weeks following her split from ex-husband Russell Brand, but she sobered up — in more ways than one — soon after. During an interview for the Friday, Dec. 20, episode of Alan Carr: Chatty Man, the 29-year-old "Roar" singer revealed she went through a booze-free detoxing period as part of her healing process in the wake of her divorce.

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"You know, I did a lot of different things," she told Carr, according to the Daily Mail. "I surrounded myself with my good friends, I did this whole cleanse where I didn't have any alcohol for three months — that was devastating — I did vitamins and supplements, and hikes and meditation and prayer."

Ultimately, there wasn't any one particular thing that helped her move on. "I think at the end of it all, as much as the things I did, I think there was something cosmically happening that was looking out for me in some ways," she said. "But I was putting my best positive foot forward."

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That positivity didn't come easy, though. "It's fun to laugh at it now. It wasn't fun to laugh at it then," the "Who You Love" songstress told Carr. "You know, I was going through a period where a lot of negative thoughts were entering my mind. Obviously they did not succeed, but I had my confidence kind of beaten down."

That period of her life — and how she bounced back — inspired her new album, Prism. "It's a record of me going inside, and [doing] a lot of self-reflection, and figuring out, like, 'Where can I make areas of myself better, or what responsibility can I take?'" she explained. "Rather than pointing the finger and saying, 'You're the problem,' or 'You're the reason for all my problems,' or 'You're awful; my life is awful,' I go, 'Okay, how can I fix this?' So yeah, it was not fun."

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Perry has come a long way since then. She's now in a long-term relationship with fellow musician John Mayer, her duet partner on "Who You Love."

"We have a lot of fun," she told Ellen DeGeneres of their relationship on Dec. 20. "We have music as an understanding and love between each other and we connect. It's like he understands what I do because he does the same thing. And so after a long day, if it's been tough, I don't really have to go into it. He just gets it. So it's nice with that understanding."

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