Kirstie Alley: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me (I’d Rather Watch ‘20/20’ Than Get Laid)

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Kirstie Alley exclusively opened up to Us Weekly about 25 things you might not know about her — and she held absolutely nothing back. Read on to learn about the Cheers alum — including her adoration for Justin Bieber, her biggest pet peeves and why she refuses to get plastic surgery.

1. I throw up if I eat black-eyed peas.

2. I’ll only fly if I have a window seat.

3. But I’m terrified when clouds surround the plane and I can’t see out, so I [usually] go in the restroom and cry.

4. My biggest pet peeve is people who chew with their mouth open.

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5. I won’t go out with men who haven’t been married by 45. They’re always pervs.

6. My favorite artists are John Singer Sargent, Édouard Manet and Mark Rothko. I can’t afford any of [their paintings], so I go to museums.

7. I feel lost without eyeliner.

8. I create lives when I’m bored. In my secret fake life, I’m 20 years old and married to Justin Bieber. We live on a farm, I’m thin with C-cup breasts, and we skinny-dip in our private converted limestone quarry.

9. I think the word “crap” is gross but I think the word “f—k” is lovely.

10. I apparently can’t see if the car radio’s on too loud, so I scream, “Turn the radio off or I’ll wreck!”

11. I freak out if I’m still awake at 4 a.m.

12. My favorite candles are Aunt Sadie’s, in lemonade or lilac.

13. I’m horrified by saltwater crocodiles and have nightmares about them.

14. I wear very expensive shoes and carry cheap purses.

15. I don’t like talking on the phone — I’d much rather text. And I refuse to email. I don’t like being available 24/7.

16. People who stand too close to me when they talk make me want to punch them.

17. I feel humiliated when I run out of Halloween candy to hand out.

18. I think about God a lot, and we have a good relationship.

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19. I feel sad for people who are depressed or anxious who are given drugs instead of real solutions and help.

20. I don’t want to watch horror films. The movie Get Out made me feel like I was dying for a month.

21. I wish I were a vegetarian. It’s the steaks I still can’t kick.

22. My sheets must be cotton without wrinkles. My pillowcases must be ironed, and so must my tea towels. I like to iron them while I’m watching TV.

23. I feel normal when loved ones visit me after they die. I think they visit because it doesn’t freak me out.

24. Most plastic surgery gives me the creeps, looks hideous and weirds me out. I’ve only seen one face-lift that was perfect, so I was going to make an appointment with that doctor, but he died two days before I called. Omen?

25. I’d rather watch 20/20 than get laid.

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