Kylie Jenner Prefers ‘Silent’ Sex Partner Over One With ‘Weird’ Accent

Kylie Jenner Prefers ‘Silent’ Sex Partner Over One With ‘Weird’ Accent

Baring it all. Kylie Jenner isn’t shying away from sharing the intimate details of her life.

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The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 22, revealed that she would prefer a “silent” sex partner over one with a “weird” accent during a game of “Would You Rather?” on Friday, April 3.

“Not speak, I could not handle a fake weird accent,” she said during the #DoYourPartChallenge Instagram Livestream to raise money for DoorDash’s Feeding America campaign when asked if she would prefer silence over accents in the bedroom. “If he didn’t have an accent and then when we’re intimate he starts having one, absolutely not.”

The Kylie Cosmetics founder went on to open up about many of her preferences, including whether she’d want to have a conversation with her future self or past self (future), if she prefers water over fire (water), and whether she’d get rid of all cats or all dogs (“I would rather all cats be gone, I’m a dog person.”)

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She also dished on whether she’d rather give up her phone for life or have everyone be able to see what’s on her phone.

“In my particular case, I would never use a cellphone again,” Jenner answered during the Q&A. “Sometimes I look up weird s–t on Google, or random s–t, and I hate opening my Google to weird things.”

She continued, “It’s embarrassing, and if 160 million people had to see that I’d choose never using my phone again.”

One thing Jenner would not have to worry about people seeing on her phone, however, is nude photos.

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The reality star’s confessed on March 27 that she does not send scantily-clad images to anyone during a game of “Who’s Most Likely To” with her BFFs Stassie Karanikolaou and Yris Palmer and her personal assistant, Victoria Villarroel.

The group of friends were asked who was most likely to have their nudes leaked, to which Jenner responded, “I don’t send nudes.”

The threesome then voted for Karanikolaou, 22, who confessed that she and Villarroel, 27, have taken nude pictures together but have not sent them to anyone.

The makeup mogul was voted the most likely to get injured while intoxicated and the most likely to win a twerking contest, however.

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