Kylie Jenner Grills Travis Scott on How Well He Knows Her, and He Nails It — for the Most Part!

It’s all about Kylie Jenner. The makeup mogul quizzed her boyfriend, Travis Scott, with 23 questions about herself in a video released by GQ on Tuesday, July 17, alongside their new cover story.

Though the “Goosebumps” rapper, 26, correctly answered 20 of the queries, he had some trouble early on. When Jenner, 20, asked her beau to name her four dogs, he could only think of one: Norman. “You don’t know them?” she yelped before naming the others: Bambi, Rosy and Harley.

When asked which sports the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star played growing up, Scott hesitated once again. He accurately guessed track right away, but couldn’t come up with a second one. “Basketball?” he asked, to which Jenner replied, “No, I didn’t play f–king basketball.” When she said she was a cheerleader and also played on the boys’ flag football team, Scott responded, “That’s not a sport. Is it on ESPN? All right, then it’s not a sport.”

Travis Scott Kylie Jenner GQ Question
Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner

The musician was visibly excited when he knew the location of Jenner’s biggest scar (her left leg), how long it takes to do her makeup (two hours), her favorite color (black), her biggest craving while pregnant with their 5-month-old daughter Stormi (In-N-Out Burger) and her pizza order (pepperoni with oregano, salt and pepper).

Scott had another memory lapse when asked about his girlfriend’s tattoos. “I don’t count your tattoos,” he said before pointing to his leg, arm, butt and both ankles. Jenner interrupted, “I don’t think you’re going to get this last one,” prompting him to ask for a hint. “It’s a heart,” she whispered, only to receive a blank stare. “What? You don’t know where this is?” she said. “It’s my arm. The back of my arm.”

The entertainer also didn’t know the birth names of the reality star’s parents, even though she said they spoke about it just “the other day.” When he gave up, she reminded him that her mother Kris Jenner’s real first name is Kristen and her father Caitlyn Jenner’s first name is William. “Whatever. Thought you were gonna get that one,” she joked.

As for their nicknames for Stormi? Storm Storm, Burrito and Peanut. “So many nicknames!” Scott said before smirking and pointing out that Kylie sometimes calls him “Daddy.”

Neither of the stars could remember where they first met, though. “We always knew each other. Like, we were hanging around each other,” the TV personality explained. “We just had mutual friends — that’s what it was. But we never really had a conversation because I thought he didn’t like me.”

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