Megyn Kelly’s Enormous Fake Eyelashes at GOP Debate Ignite the Internet

Megyn Kelly
Moderator Megyn Kelly takes the stage during a Republican presidential primary debate at Fox Theatre in Detroit on Thursday, March 3, 2016. AP Photo/Paul Sancya

Distraction tactic? While Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich duked it out onstage during the Republican debate in Detroit, Michigan, on Thursday, March 3, Megyn Kelly’s enormous fake eyelashes once again stole the show.

During a night filled with name-calling, innuendo and lots of loud shouting, Kelly, 45, held firm as one of three moderators for the evening alongside her colleagues, Bret Baier and Chris Wallace. The Kelly File anchor called Trump out for his inconsistencies and telling the contentious candidates to “stand by” repeatedly.

But it was her larger-than-life lashes that caused a storm on Twitter as commenters joked about her dramatic look.

Twitter users previously made note of Kelly’s false eyelashes during a Republican debate in Des Moines, Iowa, on Thursday, January 28, oftentimes focusing more on her looks than on the candidates’ policies on immigration and national security.

Not that the Fox News anchor let the haters get in the way of some tough questioning. At the debate in Detroit, Kelly shut Trump, 69, down after the GOP frontrunner claimed his Trump University had received an A rating.

“With respect, we went back and looked at this,” she said, in reference to the Better Business Bureau’s grade. “The rating from the Better Business Bureau was a D-minus. That’s the last publicly available rating in 2010, and it was a result of the number of complaints they had received.”

The mogul fired back.

“I can give it you,” he said. “I will give it to you. I will give it to you tomorrow. It was elevated to an A.”

Kelly and Trump have had a strained relationship at best this election season; in late January, Trump decided to skip a major Republican debate after it was announced that Kelly would be the moderator.

“Pathetic attempt by @foxnews to try and build up ratings for the #GOPDebate,” he wrote at the time. “Without me they’d have no ratings!”

And last August, Trump made headlines after he made a crude comment that many voters took to reference Kelly’s menstrual cycle.

“She is a lightweight. I couldn’t care less about her,” he told Don Lemon in a CNN interview on August 7. “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever.” The former Celebrity Apprentice host later tried to clarify his comments, tweeting that he meant she could be bleeding from her “nose.”

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