Melissa McCarthy Talks Being an LGBT Ally, Questioning Her Sexuality, Her Girl Crush on Lena Dunham

Melissa McCarthy
Melissa McCarthy spoke to The Advocate about her strong connection to the LGBT community. Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Though she’s not in the LGBT community herself, having been married to Bridesmaids costar Ben Falcone for 10 years, Melissa McCarthy feels a kinship with those who are. She was recently interviewed by The Advocate about her close connection both in her career and personal life. 

Growing up in Plainfield, Ill., McCarthy, 43, said most of her friends were gay, and that she dated several men who later came out as gay.

“There were so many,” she said of her gay boyfriends. “In my early 20s I was like the last stop before a guy said, ‘Yep, it’s official: I’m gay.’ I’d be like, ‘Really?!’ I’d think, But he’s so funny, so charming, and such a good dresser. I never saw it coming.”

It was these experiences that led her to question her own sexuality. 

“I don’t buy it if anyone says they haven’t,” she continued. “I think everyone does at some point. Growing up with so many gay friends, I was always in the minority as a straight girl, so there was definitely a time when I was like, ‘Boy, everywhere we go, I’m not meeting any fun guys…Am I looking in the wrong place?’ But then I met Ben and [sighs] I liked him. It’s all just part of growing up and finding yourself.”

If she had to choose a lady love, McCarthy has one confident actress in mind. 

Lena Dunham
Girls creator Lena Dunham is Melissa McCarthy’s main girl crush. Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

“The more I watch Girls the more I realize I’m crazy about Lena Dunham,” she dished about the HBO show’s creator, director, and star. “She’s my girl crush. She’s smart, funny, confident, and she isn’t afraid to look awkward. She’s exactly who she is, take it or leave it. Nothing’s more charming than someone who doesn’t take herself too seriously.”

McCarthy revealed she’s always wanted to be a drag queen, and boasted that her wig collection is likely more impressive than most others in the business. 

“I wanted to be a drag queen so badly,” she said. “I’ll bet I still own more wigs than any drag queen—I love me a wig. When I left the Groundlings, I had about 63. I also keep all my wigs from movies. I’ve donated a lot to Groundlings, but at any given time I probably have about 25 wigs.”

The comedian is grateful that her daughters live in a different society, where homosexuality is much more accepted. 

“I actually love that I don’t really have to talk about it either,” she said. “Our friends at the table are gay couples, and my kids have friends with same-sex parents. It’s just a part of this next generation, so there’s no need to explain it. It’s a fantastic reality without lines or rights and wrongs. I love that my girls see no difference between those same-sex couples and the male-female couples that we hang out with. I’m more proud of that than anything.”

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