Miley Cyrus Doesn’t Mind Being Called Crazy: “I’m a Walking Joke”

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus said in an interview with Australia's Sunrise TV that she doesn't mind being called crazy, because she is; "I'm a walking joke," she quipped Raphael Dias/Getty Images

Laugh it up! Miley Cyrus knows what people think of her, and she's fine with it — more than fine, in fact. During an appearance on Australia's Sunrise TV on Monday, Oct. 13, the "Wrecking Ball" singer poked fun at herself and her image onstage, saying she embraces the "crazy" label some of her critics have branded her with. 

"If I wasn't here, I would like to be doing maybe some sort of stand-up comedy," the pop star, 21, said of why she loves interacting with fans so much. Asked whether she had a sample joke to tell, she replied good-naturedly, "I am the joke. Look at me. I'm a walking joke."

Later during the chat, she added, "It really doesn't bother me when people tell me I'm crazy, because I am…I grew up around people like Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton, and those people are not normal."

What's more important to her, she explained, is being perceived as kind. "It's just always been [about] the way you treat people…There's many girls that I know that are in this industry that come out and sit like this and they'll be all polite, but in person they're not so polite, and they're not so kind," she said. "And I've heard that my reputation is a good one. I say hello to everybody and I treat everybody the same." 

Actually, that's not true. "I treat people at the bottom of the list much better than people at the top, because the people at the top have enough people sucking up to them," she quipped. "So anytime anyone thinks I'm crazy, it's like, I'd rather be crazy than not a nice person." 

The Hannah Montana alum added that she's able to rise above the fray because of how she was raised. "I just kinda grew up in this world, so fame and money, I kind of know what they give you, which isn't a lot, even though people think it's everything," she told the Sunrise TV hosts. "I think people get really wrapped up, and at the end of it, people can be the most famous and rich people in the world and have all this stuff, but they're not really that happy. So I just decided about a year ago that my whole life goal is just to be happy all the time."

That's easier said than done, of course, but Cyrus welcomes the bad with the good. "If you're sad, just live in that moment and just be sad. Everyone's always trying to rush out of their emotions," she said. "It's like, if you're feeling good, feel good, if you're feeling sad, just be in it."

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