Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8 Premiere Recap: The Eight Craziest Moments!

Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8 recap
Us Weekly recaps the eight most explosive moments from Sunday night's Season 8 premiere of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Mark Hill/Bravo

The shady bunch is back! The Real Housewives of Atlanta might be missing OG NeNe Leakes in its eighth season, but fret not — the tea is still brewing, and the thirst is still real.

1) Kandi Is Pregnant!

How sweet! After years of trying, Kandi Burruss and husband Todd Tucker are finally welcoming a new addition to the Kandi Factory. But does that stop Kandi, the notorious workaholic, from taking it easy? Girl, bye. During a routine appointment, OB/GYN Dr. Jackie advises Kandi to lessen her workload since she suffers from fibroids.

“Any time you’re over 35 years old, they say it’s a high-risk pregnancy,” Kandi says in her confessional. She’s willing to take the plunge, though. Kandi admits that she and Todd would like a boy since they already have two daughters.

“I’m not going to lie,” Kandi reveals in her confessional. “If we have a girl, we’re probably gonna try again.”

2) Porsha Gets Her Peach

You can’t keep a Southern girl down. She was just a “friend” last season, but Porsha Williams is finally back in the fold as a full-time housewife. Professionally, things are still going well for Porsha — her ratings at DishNation, where she’s a host, are higher than ever. And while there’s no need for her to utilize last season’s rumored African prince-slash-sugar daddy, she doesn’t mind laying sugar on her new boo. Things seem to be going well with Duke, the 24-year-old Buffalo Bills football player who just happens to be 10 years her junior.

In an attempt to win her own points, Porsha sets up a romantic afternoon at a hotel room — complete with champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, and gifts — to welcome Duke back to Atlanta…and to ease him into the idea of meeting her family. They’re concerned about the age difference, and Porsha wants to convince them that “he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.” Duke doesn’t necessarily say no. How could he?

“I totally kind of felt a little bit like a sugar mama,” Porsha says in her confessional. “I’m on the other side now!”

3) Peter Screws Up Big Time

Blame it on the alcohol? Peter Thomas, who’s very married to Cynthia Bailey, got busted when a sketchy video of him groping a woman at his restaurant broke the Internet. Needless to say, Cynthia isn’t happy. She summons her misbehaving hubby to their porch, where she's wearing black “like you ‘bout to bury someone,” according to Peter.

“Well, this has yet to be determined,” Bailey retorts.

Thomas maintains his innocence and asks his wife to take a closer look at the video.

“I was having a conversation with the person. I leaned over,” he tries to reason. “I know her. She ain’t trying to f—k me, and I’m not trying to f—k her.”

Cynthia, who says that she’ll always try to protect and defend her husband, doesn’t let him off that easy. She continues to analyze the video and grill Peter, who’s visibly uncomfortable.

“You know how these girls talk!” she snaps at Peter. “Now you just gave them a reason to open up their wide mouths again.” And oh, will they.

4) Kenya Changes Locations

There’s no place like home! It’s been three years since Kenya Moore twirled her way to Atlanta — and it looks like she’s here to stay.

Kenya takes Cynthia to her new house in Buckhead, an upscale part of town. Ironically, Kenya’s new digs are 500 feet away from Chateau Sheree — the massive mansion that former housewife Sheree Whitfield never got around to finishing. Kenya vows to make nice with Sheree…in her own way.

“She might need to borrow some coffee from me, or some money for a light bill,” Kenya reasons.

Moore’s house isn’t necessarily in better shape than Sheree’s…the boxy, 6,000-square-foot five-roomer has — umm — character…and a lot of work to be done. 

“Who were the previous owners, Freddie Kreuger or Jason?” Cynthia jokes in her confessional. “If I had to spend the night at Chateau Sheree or Moore Manor, I’m going to the Chateau. For the obvious reasons!”

Kenya isn’t worried, though.

“This home will make me finally feel rooted,” Kenya says in her confessional. “I’ve been in California…Texas…Detroit. This is where my life will begin again.”

5) Todd Talks

Housewives aren’t the only ones who spill tea. Todd tells Kandi that Apollo Nida, Phaedra Parks’ estranged husband, isn’t doing too well on the inside. It’s been about a year since Apollo started his eight-year prison sentence for fraud. Luckily for him, he has good friends like Todd, who’s keeping Apollo’s motorcycles in his garage. According to Phaedra, she and Apollo correspond “quite frequently,” and they’re “cordial.” But Todd’s heard differently.

“He hasn’t seen the kids,” Todd tells Kandi. “He says right now, he only calls once a month. He was calling so often…they don’t even answer the phone.”

Turns out that Todd has it in for Phaedra, too. Todd lent his talents to Phaedra for a fitness video that never hit shelves. Though he offered Phaedra discounted services, she still hasn’t paid up. Todd wants Kandi to confront Phaedra, but Kandi and Phaedra still aren’t on the best terms after last season.

“I don’t f—k with you ‘cause you’re shady, shiesty…and you’re talking s—t,” Todd vents to Kandi regarding Phaedra. “If you do that to us, there’s no telling what you’ll do to anybody else.” 

6) Cynthia’s Honesty Hour

Cynthia confides in her sister, Malorie, about her Peter problems. Malorie, who’s never been a fan of Peter, doesn’t hold back and tells Cynthia that she thinks he’s cheating.

“It is a form of cheating, but it’s not having sex,” Malorie says. “If he wants to make this marriage work, he’s gotta spend less time in Charlotte.”

Malorie asks Cynthia if she’s still attracted to Peter with his clothes off. Cynthia admits that she isn’t.

“Physical attraction is important, but I’m more attracted to someone’s mind,” Cynthia says in her confessional. “It’s not like Peter was a supermodel when I met him.”

She’s tried to hold it together thus far, but Malorie encourages Cynthia — who admits to hiding her true feelings — to let it all out. 

“When I married Peter, I signed up for better or for worse,” Cynthia says through tears. “I didn’t look at the video and think, ‘Okay, I gotta walk away from my marriage because of this.’”

7) Blasts From the Pasts

Cynthia straightens herself up to host a lavish party for the launch of Cynthia Bailey Eyewear. Among the VIPs? Old “friend” Marlo Hampton and Sheree Whitfield!

8) Kenya Can’t Keep Her Mouth Shut

It wouldn’t be a Housewives soiree without some drama. As soon as Peter walks in to the launch, Kenya gives him an insincere greeting…and grills him on why he’s late.

“I was with my video people,” Peter snipes, referring to the reason why Kenya’s giving him the cold shoulder.

Peter and Kenya continue to go back and forth. He maintains his innocence as Marlo tries to play peacemaker (while mumbling that Peter seems guilty, of course).

“I strongly believe in giving people the benefit of a doubt. But the way Peter is behaving…seems to be the behavior of a guilty person,” Kenya says in the confessional.

Kenya proceeds to seek the truth from her new neighbor, Sheree, about the property that she dubbed “Chateau She Can’t Pay.”

“[The neighbors] have been complaining…the whole neighborhood has been asking about the house,” Kenya tells Sheree. 

Sheree explains that the process takes time, and that anyone who doesn’t know that should keep renting.

“Is it mold in there?” Sheree asks Kenya of Moore Manor.

Sheree says that no one should be in her business. Kenya reminds her that the City of Atlanta is, since the property isn’t finished.

“I’ve actually upgraded the whole area, including your house that’s in a ditch,” Sheree tells Kenya.

“And I’ll be in the ditch in three months, and you will be in a tent outside because your bitch ass can’t move in yet!” Kenya replies.

Tune in to Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta every Sunday at 8 p.m. ET.

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