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Roseanne Barr Denies Heart Attack Rumors: ‘I Was the Victim of a Prank’

Roseanne Barr
Roseanne Barrheo Wargo/Getty Images

Setting the record straight. Roseanne Barr took to Twitter to deny rumors she suffered a heart attack after a man claiming to be her assistant called a radio host to say that she was ill.

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“I’m fine,” the former Roseanne star, 66, captioned a photo of herself wearing a faux corset T-shirt and leggings on Saturday, November 24.

She elaborated with a second tweet, writing, “I was the victim of a prank. I’ve had no medical issues. I’m spending time at home with my family and relaxing.”

Earlier on Saturday, a man named Frank, who claimed to be Roseanne’s assistant, called Sputnik News radio host Lee Stranahan while he was recording a live Periscope video to say that she was suffering a medical emergency.

“Yes, this is Roseanne’s assistant,” the man can be heard saying in a clip. “This is Roseanne’s assistant, Frank … She just had a heart attack. I’m trying to figure out exactly what to do about this.”

He continued, “You left her a voicemail, email? And you were talking about underwear and stuff?”

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Stranahan, 53, tweeted about the incident on Saturday. “I was doing a call-in segment about Zionism on Periscope when the phone rang, saying it was my friend @therealroseanne,” he wrote. “I was surprised but it’s a topic she’s interested in so … It was her assistant, saying she’d had a heart attack. This went out live. I don’t know her status.”

He also tweeted, “Please send prayers to @therealroseanne.”

The talk show host clarified on Twitter that the call came from Barr’s real phone number and that he had indeed previously left her a voicemail about underwear as a joke.

Later that day, he gave fans an update, tweeting, “I’ve spoken to her on the phone. She is fine. This is so weird.”

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Barr has largely remained out of the spotlight since the reboot of her ABC series, Roseanne, was canceled in May over a tweet the comedian posted in which she made a racist slur against former White House aide Valerie Jarrett.

Its spinoff, The Conners, debuted in September without Barr.

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