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Sandra Bullock Defended by Fans Who Say She’s More Than ‘That Lady From Bird Box’

Sandra Bullock Defended by Fans Who Say She's More Than 'That Lady From Bird Box'
Sandra Bullock in ‘Bird Box’ Merrick Morton/Netfilx

Give her the respect she’s earned! Sandra Bullock’s fans rushed to defend her after viewers of her latest flick, Bird Box, belittled her many accomplishments.

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“The lady from bird box looks like MJ,” a Twitter user wrote on Tuesday, December 25, comparing the 54-year-old actress’ character to a photo of Michael Jackson.

Those who know and love the Oscar winner were quick to clap back. “People are calling sandra bullock ‘that lady from bird box’ like she didn’t save george clooney’s ass in SPACE, revive then kill nicole kidman’s abusive ex, marry ryan reynolds just for a green card, save a runaway bus, AND adopt michael oher smh,” one fan tweeted on Friday, December 28.

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Another user wrote on Thursday, December 27, “Sandra Bullock is most definitely not just ‘that lady from bird box’ she is way more than that.”

“Y’all better stop talking s—t on ‘that lady from Bird Box’ and learn her name,” an angry defender tweeted. “Sandra Bullock is THE actress from her generation and there is nothing you can say to prove me wrong smh.”

The outrage only grew among Bullock’s fans. “How dare this generation refer to my queen Sandra Bullock as ‘that lady from bird box,’” another tweeted. “I’ve never been more disappointed.”

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One fan wrote: “First of all, ‘that lady from bird box’ is SANDRA BULLOCK—a well renowned, talented actress (she’s won Oscars, Golden Globes, etc). She’s a loving mother, unproblematic, and has a heart of gold. These are just a few of her noteworthy qualities. Now put some RESPECT on her name!” (She is the mom of son Louis, 8, and daughter Laila, 6.)

Bullock stars in the Netflix thriller as a mother guiding her children on a dangerous journey to safety after the population is wiped out by a mysterious force. The film was released on the streaming platform on December 13.

The Golden Globe winner has starred in a number of popular and acclaimed films, including 1994’s Speed, 1995’s While You Were Sleeping, 1998’s Hope Floats, 2000’s Miss Congeniality, 2002’s Two Weeks Notice, 2009’s The Proposal, 2013’s Gravity and 2018’s Ocean’s 8.

The actress also picked up an Academy Award in 2010 for her portrayal of Leigh Ann Tuohy in The Blind Side. In addition, she has worked as a producer, publicly supported several philanthropic efforts and has even been dubbed “America’s Sweetheart.”

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