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Sara and Erin Foster: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Us (‘Neither of Us Can Physically Get Tan’)

Erin Foster and Sara Foster

Sara and Erin Foster, the daughters of music producer David Foster and stars of VH1’s Barely Famous, can always make Us laugh. Recently, the two sisters paired up with RetailMeNot to create a video series for the company called “WTF Did I Just Spend My Money On?” But first, the funny duo shared 25 fun facts about themselves with Us Weekly!

1. We love a good deal, so we always use the RetailMeNot app before making a purchase. We just bought a bunch of Urban Decay makeup with it!

2. Our first pets were cats when we were really little. We went to the Country Mart in Malibu, and I picked a black kitten with green eyes and Sara picked a gray one. Mine was clawing and hissing at me, and Sara’s was cuddling with her.

3. We keep other people’s secrets from each other, but tell our own stuff to each other.

4. We are really bad in that we respond to people that talk s–t about us on the internet. We should just let it go, but it fires us up.

5. Neither of us can physically get tan, so we get spray tans because they cover up everything!

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6. We played a game called marriage that we made up while growing up. Sarah was always married to Joey Evers from 90210. Erin was always stuck with Jordan Knight. It was so annoying. (No offense to Jordan … )

7. Sara's nickname growing up was Foster Freeze, and Erin's was Er Bear, which stuck around for a long time. E-Fos has been Erin's nickname for the last 10 years.

8. If we could trade places with a famous person for a day, Erin would choose Kate Middleton. She does pretty well for herself! Sara would pick Justin Bieber and drive with the top down and walk on Robertson … can you imagine?!

9. Sara had New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men posters on her wall growing up. Erin had a Beavis and Butt-Head poster above her bed in fifth grade only because she thought that the guys in her class would think it was cool.

10. If we could eat anything without gaining weight, Sara would have a Subway sandwich with turkey, American cheese, lettuce, mustard, onion and tomato every day. Erin would have gluten all day every day 'cause it's so good.

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11. Sara can’t live without hand sanitizer. She's a germaphobe. Erin can’t live without wine — honestly, she needs that!

12. Erin can’t stand to have hangovers. As you get older they get really bad! Sara can’t stand to go to the dentist. She really just hates it and gets scared, but does it cause she's hygienic.

13. Erin loves to watch TV in the middle of the day in bed with a glass of wine. Sara loves a long shower, clean hair and being wet in bed in her robe, with tons of TV to watch on her DVR and a bag of Doritos.

14. Our biggest obsessions are Sara's kids. The background of Erin's phone is literally Sara’s kids, and they aren’t even Sara's background!

15. Sara's least favorite food is sushi — she knows it’s so politically incorrect to say. Erin is not down with calamari or mussels. She's not an adventurous eater.

16. Bridesmaids is a movie that can always make us laugh.

17. Our dream guest on Barely Famous would still be Larry David, but Erin can’t get close to him and Sara doesn't know what she would even say to him if she saw him. He definitely doesn’t know who we are.

18. A television show that Erin is embarrassed to say that she watches is Bachelor in Paradise. Sara loves local news, but it’s depressing to her when she has the TV on for the news and then The Price Is Right comes on and she realizes it’s 11 a.m. and she's still home.

19. We have not-so obvious abilities: Sara's a good tennis player and water skier, and Erin is an ordained minister.

20. Our favorite apps are totally different. The app Sara uses the most is Uber, because she drinks a lot and has kids, so, you know … Erin's is a period app called Clue, which helps track her period. 

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21. Erin’s worst habit is that she hums. You can say to her, “Erin, the worst thing happened to me yesterday,” and she starts humming. It’s crazy. Sara is always late. It’s the thing we argue about the most working together. She takes call times as light suggestions.

22. Our favorite holiday is Christmas, though Erin also loves Shabbat. 

23. Erin's favorite thing in her closet is jeans. They are all she ever wants to wear. Sara has really invested in good shoes. She has a really good selection of Stella McCartney, Manolo and Gianvito Rossi shoes.

24. Erin's theme song for her life would be “Sex With Me Is Amazing” by Rihanna. Sara's theme song is “Pour Some Sugar On Me.” Just kidding!

25. Erin can’t wait to wear black head to toe this fall. Sara loves a turtleneck to cover her "aging" neck. 

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