Shawn Johnson’s Husband Andrew East Hospitalized After Fainting in the Gym: ‘I Am Doing Well’

Shawn Johnson’s Husband Andrew East Hospitalized After Fainting in the Gym
Andrew East and Shawn Johnson. Courtesy of Shawn Johnson/Instagram

Family scare. Shawn Johnson’s husband Andrew East had a scary accident in the gym after he fainted during a workout on Saturday, November 23.

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On Sunday, November 24, the couple posted a video to YouTube sharing the story and graphic video of the former NFL player, 28, fainting at the gym where he hit his head and was found bleeding by his two friends. He was then rushed to the hospital, which is when he called Johnson, 27, who said she “almost vomited watching” the video footage of his fall.

In the YouTube video, the pair revealed how it all went down. “With the newborn, Shawn and I have been getting less sleep than we usually do. With the less sleep we have been drinking more caffeine,” East began the video, which featured him sitting next to his wife. “Shawn now, not being pregnant anymore, is getting back into wine, which means I am getting back into wine. Which means we’re definitely more dehydrated than we usually are.”

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“More stressed out. Trying to balance work and everything,” Johnson added. Her husband then described his workout plan for that morning, which included a pre-workout on his own before his friends were supposed to join him at 6 a.m. He went to their in-house gym and lifted a 185 lb. bar and after he did that he said, “I get lightheaded when I stand up or drink too much caffeine,” which is what caused him to faint, hit the floor and start bleeding from his head.

After getting nine staples in his head, East was cleared for his fainting-induced injuries, but he was held at the hospital for an irregularity the doctors saw on his EKG.

“You do have an irregular unnatural heartbeat. It just so happens that Andrew’s ticks differently,” Johnson told their fans in the video. Luckily, the former athlete was cleared to go home the next day but when he watched back his fall, he realized just how scary the whole incident was.

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“As soon as I heard Shawn cry and watch the video of me being fully present and then gone like that, I realized we have a daughter now who depends on us for her life,” East said. “I have a wife who, you’d be fine without me, but you have a kid to take care of as well. I don’t want to take anything for granted. Every second I have with my child is precious, and every second with my wife is precious. Every second worth living is a second to be grateful for.”

Following the release of their video, the couple took to Instagram to update their followers on East’s recovery on Tuesday, November 26.

Shawn Johnson’s Husband Andrew East Hospitalized After Fainting in the Gym
Andrew East and Shawn Johnson. Courtesy of Andrew East/Instagram

“Thanks so much for everyone who’s asked if I’m okay. I am doing well,” East said in the video, which showed him on a walk with his wife and daughter Drew. “I got nine staples in my head. But we were just laughing about how much of a rag-tag crew we are now.”

Over the past three weeks, Johnson has broken her toe and had a c-section, which she is still recovering from. East got staples in his head and according to the growing family, “Drew’s still trying to figure out how to do life on this side and little Nash (their dog) got skunked.”

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