Sherri Shepherd Responds to Rosie O’Donnell’s “Aneurysm” Diss, Talks About The View and Divorce

Sherri Shepherd
 Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images

Sherri spills! Sherri Shepherd stopped by The Wendy Williams Show on Wednesday, Sept. 17, to discuss The View and her divorce.

"I watched The View on Monday and I have to say, I love the hot topics," Shepherd, 47, told Williams. "I love when they get into it. I think everybody was very nervous… It was first day jitters. Everybody has to get used to each other, everybody has to get in a groove. It took me three years to figure out where I fit in. Once I left after seven years, I knew exactly what I brought to The View."

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Shepherd also addressed Rosie O'Donnell's scalding commentary about her in a recent interview with Variety. "No one is going to think the Earth is flat," O'Donnell told the mag, referring to Shepherd's infamous statements from 2007. "When I was at home watching that, I thought I was going to have an aneurysm."

Still, Shepherd insisted that she and O'Donnell, 52, are pals. "I don't think people realize, I love this girl," Shepherd told Williams. "She helped me with my negotiations when I first got on The View. Rosie called me up and she was like, 'this is what you need to say,' 'this is how much money I make,' 'this is how much money you should ask for.'"

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Williams asked Shepherd how much she made as a co-host. "It was a lot of money, it was a lot," Shepherd responded, joking: "Husbands, I’m not working anymore, I don’t have that money just to let you know."

Shepherd added that O'Donnell's personality oftentimes is misconstrued. Indeed, the recurring View co-host made waves on day two of her return by getting into it with her conservative counterpart, Nicolle Wallace, about how former President George W. Bush handled Hurricane Katrina back in 2005.

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"Rosie, she's a comic, sometimes it doesn’t translate on the page," Shepherd said. "Rosie said I almost gave her an aneurysm when I said that and that goes along with all the ailments Rosie has. When she did the first show, Rosie always got something wrong with her, she got sciatica, she got depression, she had a heart attack, so if I gave that girl an aneurysm, I’m honored, Rosie."

As for the topic of her exes and her very public divorce from Lamar Sally? "What is that about?" Shepherd said of her exes speaking (and acting) out. "That's creepy, that's nasty and it's just like everybody is suing me. Just ask for me to be a reference on the job application. You don’t have to sue me. I don’t know why they’re talking, what’s going on." Shepherd was previously married to Jeff Tarpley from 2001 to 2010, and maintained custody of their 9-year-old boy after Tarpley filed for full custody this past April. Her second husband Sally filed for divorce in May after three years of marriage.

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Both Shepherd and Sally have been at the center of a very nasty battle over their surrogate baby. Shepherd remained mum on the topic with Williams on Wednesday. "We can’t say anything about that," she said. "I have a lot of lawyers and I’m in court right now and it’s very public and it’s very painful. You know, for me, I'm not Tori and Dean — I don’t get paid to talk about my life, so when people tweet me I always say, 'Go to Wendy, she knows what’s going on. You can ask Wendy about my life.'"

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