Sherri Shepherd

Full Name: Sherri Shepherd
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Relationship Status: Divorced
Birthday: April 22, 1967

Motion chicness: “In New York, everybody is moving. Everybody has something to do, somewhere to be, somebody to meet,” says the recently slimmed-down co-host of The View, who’s looking forward to a very big day on Oct 5, when her sitcom Sherri debuts on Lifetime and her book Permission Slips hits stores. “So the clothes I wear are fast-paced, too. If I’m wearing pants, they’re flared, they’re moving. If I got a dress, it’s moving.” Splurges: Saks (“Oh, girl, shoes, shoes and purses. I love bags, I love shoes.”), Christian Louboutin, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Herve Leger and Angela Dean (“I don’t think too many people know about her. She makes really great dresses for full-figured women.”). A fashion fan of: “I love Beyonce, because she’s a thick sister,” the star, 42, says. “And of course I love Queen Latifah. I love her style. Sarah Jessica Parker, she’s just my fantasy, but I love anything that she wears. I just pretend like my head is on her body.”

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