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Teen Mom 2 Recap: Explosive Fights Indicate Divorce and a Broken Engagement Are on the Horizon for Three Couples

Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert
Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert fight on Teen Mom 2.  

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Teen Mom 2, it’s never to pick a fight in a car (especially when your kids are in the back seat).  

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Three couples had it out in the July 23 episode of the MTV reality hit, screaming at one another in potentially relationship-ending brawls. Spoiler alert: It wasn’t pretty. 

Here’s what happened:

Kailyn Lowry Teen Mom

Kailyn Lowry

While Kailyn was dealing with the stress of her ex Jo Rivera potentially moving to Delaware to be closer to their son Isaac, the mom of two had bigger fish to fry with her husband, Javi Marroquin

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The pair went to counseling to work out some of their differences, but none of that helped when Javi discovered that Kailyn followed a guy named Mike on Instagram. 

Sadly the cameras weren’t there to catch Javi’s blowup reaction, but they did film him driving away to spend the night in a hotel room. 

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“He said he was done and that it’s over,” a tearful Kailyn told her friend on the phone. 

Meanwhile, Isaac just wanted a bedtime story. 

“I just want him to give me a hug and a kiss,” the sad little boy declared. Sob. 

Fortunately, Javi returned after only a few hours to work things out with his wife. 

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“I left the house because I needed some space,” he explains. 

But Kailyn was fed up. “When you left you said you were done,” she shouted. “If we’re happier divorced, then that’s what we need to do for our kids.” The pair ended the fight sitting on separate couches, without the chance to kiss and make up. 

Teen Mom with Glasses

Chelsea Houska

Though things are all sunshine and rainbows with Chelsea’s new boyfriend, Cole DeBoer, the same cannot be said for her current tension with ex Adam Lind. 

The jailbird bad boy is fighting her for 50/50 custody of their daughter Aubree, but can’t even stick to their current agreement in which his parents are supposed to supervise his visits with Aubree. 

“After he got arrested I text his mom and I’m like, ‘I just don’t feel comfortable with [Aubree] going alone with him at all,’” Chelsea explained to her friend. “And she was like, ‘These are all false accusation. They are going to get dropped.’” 

So Chelsea returned to her lawyer to see if she can force Adam to visit with Aubree only in a supervised environment. 

Cut to Adam taking Aubree out for milkshakes, and grilling her for intel on her mom. 

“Do you think I’m mean? Does your mom? Your mom thinks I’m mean to you?” he asked the little girl. He then vowed to take her to his house very soon. 

“My dad promised me that I would go with him to go to a place, to his house,” Aubree later told a concerned Chelsea. “He promised me. You can never, ever break a promise!”

Jenelle Evans Teen Mom

Jenelle Evans

Apparently the MTV camera crew was dropping the ball this episode because they also failed to capture the fight between Jenelle and her new fiancé, Nathan Griffith, after he proposed in St. Thomas. 

From what the show was able to piece together, Nathan’s friend insulted Jenelle and he didn’t come to her defense. She outlined her side of the story to her friend Tori on FaceTime, which pissed off Nathan even more. 

“The whole trip was supposed to be for the engagement and to be happy but then it’s like everyone ended up ganging up on me,” Jenelle complained. 

“Stop it!” Nathan declared in a scary quiet voice. 

“When are you ever going to get any peace, Jenelle?” Tori asked her friend. Amen, girl, amen. 

Things came to a head when Nathan made Jenelle late to meet her lawyer about getting custody of her son Jace back from her mom Barbara

When he finally got in the car to head to the lawyer’s office, Jenelle gave him a hard time and he losy it, jumping out and running into the house. 

“Your son, not my problem,” Nathan declared of Jace. 

“Stop acting like a bitch! You do this all the time to me,” Jenelle fired back before leaving in tears.  

But as she was on her way, Nathan called to apologize and she returned home. 

“I seriously can’t do with the yelling anymore,” Nathan says, adding, “I thought ‘If God did not grace her with a vagina through her legs, I would have knocked you through the wall.’ We need to go to counseling. I grew up in a broken house, and I know you grew up in a broken house, and I don’t want that for our kids.”

Jenelle agreed and they finally made it to the lawyer’s office to talk about getting custody back. But it looks like Jenelle might be up a creek without a paddle on that one as her entire arrangement relies on Babs signing off and they’re currently not speaking.  

Teen Mom Leah screaming

Leah Messer

Poor Leah couldn’t seem to get anything right this week. As her ex-husband, Corey Simms, continued to pester her about getting more time with their twins, she was also trying to maneuver three little girls (one of which peed on her Ugg boots… ick). 

“I’m going to put the girls on birth control at 13 whether they like it or not,” an exhausted Leah declares. 

But Leah met the worst of it when her husband, Jeremy Calvert, finally came home from his out-of-town job to help drive the girls to a cheerleading competition. 

A frustrated Jeremy started asking Leah about the mess in the car, noting, “If we have a wreck, the amount of s—t in this god damned car is going to kill these kids.”

His comment — though dramatic — didn’t seem out of line as baby Addie bounced around in the back with her face slamming into a backpack. 

“Why would you even say such a god-dammed thing?” Leah shouted as the girls listened. “No that’s f—king ridiculous. You can’t deal with coming home. You cannot deal with coming home.” 

As Jeremy continued to give her a hard time, Leah screamed, “Leave me alone. Can you shut up? God, you don’t know what it’s like. You don’t know. You know what f—k you!” Things aren’t looking good for these two.

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Teen Mom 2 airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on MTV. 

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