The Secret to Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens’s Friendship

Ashley Tisdale talks about her friendship with Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale Courtesy of Ashley Tisdale

Hollywood is a cutthroat industry and there is no shortage of stories of backstabbing among some of even the closest friends. But count out Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens when it comes to that kind of drama.

"She's like my family. She's like my sister. We grew up together," Tisdale, 28, tells omg! when asked about the secret to their friendship, which stems back to their days on the set of 2006's "High School Musical" and continues to be well-documented if you follow either one of them on social media. (See recent exhibits A, B, and C - as well as this bonus of their goofy reenactment of "Bridesmaids" scenes)

"We were part of something that was really exciting," Tisdale says of playing Sharpay Evans to Hudgens's Gabriella Montez in the tweenie-bopper loved TV movie trilogy. "Doing a franchise, you become a family with everybody in that cast. It's hard to explain because it's a bond between all of us. Nobody knew that it was going to be super successful. It's not one of those movies that are made after a book and are super successful. For us, it kind of came out of nowhere. We were like, 'Whoa – what just happened?'"

Needless to say, that bond established via work carried over into real life.

"So just going through stuff together" is the secret, Tisdale says of her relationship with Hudgens, 24. "She's like my best friend. I'm so supportive of her and she's supportive of me. I'm so proud of her and all the work she's done."

The girls are so tight they even sweat together, attending group exercises classes at SoulCycle in Los Angeles. And Tisdale insists that their fellow spinners are unfazed about seeing them there.

"In L.A., I think they've seen a lot more [high-profile] people," Tisdale laughs.

Hudgens isn't Tisdale's only exercise buddy. She also logs workouts with celeb trainer Harley Pasternak, who "does a lot of lightweight training with me," says Tisdale, who recently helped launch the snack food Cracker Jack'd in New York City. "I'm definitely someone who loves to do yoga, but I also like to switch it up and do spin as well. I never want to get bored, so I like to change it up."

And she's not one of those celebs who downplays the amount of time that she spends in the gym, noting, "I'm always exercising. It's because I get stressed out during the day with work and stuff, so I make it a point to take an hour where I do my own thing. That's really why I like to work out."

As for what extra things she does when she has to, say, strip down for steamy photo shoots – like her hot pictorial in Maxim in May – Tisdale, who is dating singer Christopher French from the band Annie Automatic, shares her trick. Well, sort of.

"I pretty much cut out carbs," she says, before adding, "I guess?"

Asked what she means, she adds, "I'm one of those people that [reporters] ask: 'What did you do to prepare for a red carpet?' I'm like: 'I just ate Thai food!'" she laughs, then adds, "I don't really think about all that stuff."

So she doesn't like to think too much about calorie counting and she's a devoted friend? Hmm… how do we get into her inner circle?

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