White House Gets Roasted for Misspelling ‘United States’ on Twitter

Donald Trump
Donald Trump Win McNamee/Getty Images

Oops? The official Twitter account for the White House misspelled “United States” on Friday, July 27.

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A tweet posted at 11:55 a.m. ET included an official statement from President Donald Trump on the state of the economy in the country: “If economic growth continues at this pace, the United Sates [sic] economy will double in size more than 10 years faster than it would have under President Bush or President Obama.”

The post remained on the White House’s page for nearly five hours before it was deleted around 3:30 p.m. However, the gaffe did not go unnoticed by fellow Twitter users.

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“I don’t know why anyone would believe this when The @WhiteHouse can no longer correctly spell ‘United States,’” one person tweeted. Another wrote, “Congratulations to whatever the United ‘Sates’ is…”

A third user pointed out that this is not the first time the White House and Trump, 72, have botched tweets. “This administration can’t even spell ‘United States’ correctly. If they can’t get the small things right, how can we ever expect them to get the big things right?” one critic tweeted. Another shot back, “Obama also knew how to spell United States.”

The White House previously misspelled the word “separation” as “seperation” in an executive order that the president signed in June to end his controversial policy that separated families at the U.S.–Mexico border. The White House also misspelled the name of British Prime Minister Theresa May as “Teresa” three times in a memo detailing Trump’s daily schedule in January.

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But the former Celebrity Apprentice host’s biggest blunder to date came in May when he erroneously referred to his wife, Melania Trump, as “Melanie” in a tweet to welcome her home from the hospital after she underwent a kidney procedure. He corrected the slip-up minutes later, but the screenshots live on.

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