Andi Dorfman Gets Sworn in as Bachelorette on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Host Guesses Who Will Receive the Final Rose

Andi Dorfman and Jimmy Kimmel
Andi Dorfman officially got sworn in as the new Bachelorette during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, May 19  

She was presented with a lamp and cookies way before making her title official! Season 10's Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman, officially got sworn in as the show's next leading lady during Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, May 19. The drop-by came shortly after the Georgia native's season premiere aired on ABC.

"We're already late with it. The Bachelorette needs to be sworn in to make this official," host Kimmel said. "There only three people can do that—the host of The Bachelor, Chris Harrison, Oprah, because she can do anything, and me. I've been ordained by this network and the state of California."

After his explanation, Dorfman, 26, made a surprise appearance and was asked several questions under oath. "Andi, do you solemnly swear to date 25 men simultaneously as millions of Americans watch you on national television so help you God?" Kimmel joked. "Do you promise to use the word amazing a lot?" 

A giggly Dorfman agreed, but didn't make any promises on the third question. Kimmel asked: "Do you promise not to trick anyone by holding out a rose and yelling 'psych!' and pulling it back?" Dorfman replied: "I don't know if I can promise that." 

Dorfman sent home seven out of her 25 men on Monday night's episode, but seemed to be content with her decision. Kimmel, however, went on to poke fun of contestant Emil, who did not receive a rose and who introduced himself to Dorfman by telling her his name is pronounced "anal with an m."

"Do you promise to give Emil a second chance? Just give Emil a try. You might like it," he teased with the wordplay. Dorfman said: "Why not?"

Dorfman was later put in the hot seat about the men vying for her heart, but kept tight-tipped while Kimmel made guesses as to who would be the final man standing. His final four choices? Nick Viall (who earned the first impression rose), Chris Soules, Marcus Grodd as runner-up, and Josh Murray. Murray, according to Kimmel, would be her final pick.

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