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Jake: “I Don’t Regret” Engagement to Vienna

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Even though former fiancee Vienna Girardi cheated on him, Jake Pavelka says he would get engaged to her all over again.

"My goal in life is to make decisions that minimize regrets. I don't regret anything I've done," he said while co-hosting Good Morning Texas in his native Dallas Friday morning. "It's been the most amazing ride. I've gotten to do things that most people never even dream of doing, and I sit here [thinking], 'What have I done to deserve this?' Somebody pinch me."

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Pavelka, 32, admits he's hurt that Girardi, 24, hooked up with Greek star Michael Gregory in L.A. while he was 2,000 miles away taping his role on Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva in Georgia.

"I'm hanging in there, you know? My stomach is a little [twisted]…" he said. "I don't really want to get too much into it. I'm getting all the Tweets and support from fans, and it's absolutely… you guys are going to get me through this, and thank you."

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Pavelka calls his newest TV role "a dream come true." Going into acting full time is something the Bachelor, who has appeared as a young Chuck Norris on Walker Texas Ranger, would consider.

"I'm not banging down the doors of casting directors. If something comes my way, I'll definitely take a look at it," he said.

Girardi, a former Hooters waitress, wasn't supportive of his attempts to break into the business.

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"She feels like Dancing with the Stars should have been hers, but in my view, I felt like it was ours," Pavelka told Extra earlier this week. "She started to get insanely jealous over these wonderful things that were happening in life, and they directly affected her. I saw her frustrations, so I tried to include her in everything I did."

An insider tells the new issue of Us Weekly, "Girardi was jealous of him and did not support his career. The cheating was just the final straw. Things had been troubled for awhile."

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