‘Big Brother’ Elimination Recap: The First Official Couple Heats Things Up, Familiar Faces Come Crawling Back

Da’Vonne is on the block! After weeks spent hustling and forming alliances with practically everyone, Mama Da has strategized herself into the wrong woman’s bad graces, as seen in Big Brother‘s Thursday, July 21, episode. A Tiffany scorned is dangerous, and she won’t be leaving the house without some blood on her hands.

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This week’s live elimination episode decided outspoken Tiffany’s fate, along with whether or not Frank’s plan to blindside Da’Vonne would pay off. Plus, BB fans finally know the identity of the fifth evicted houseguest that’ll compete in the much-alluded-to Battle Back competition.

Without further ado, will Da’Vonne continue to throw epic shade (and hair flips) at Tiff? Who’s headed home — and when is the Battle Back?

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BB Official

James and Natalie will always be able to say their love first blossomed over a disagreement about slop. Natalie attempted to be domestic and whip up a heaping pot of slop, but was hurt when James didn’t want her offering.

What followed was a cute high school-esque conversation about feelings, while the pair lounged in uncomfortable bumper cars. Natalie first vented her frustrations by saying, “I feel stupid. All I did was offer to make you something.” But then her real talk got underway: “I should have not started to like you.”

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James was somehow shocked by that, and Natalie added, “America knows who I like.” It took them but a tender stare and a hug to make it #BBofficial. Praise the showmance gods!

The Demise of Da’Vonne

Sometimes liars get caught, and it seems Da’Vonne’s truth stretching might get her booted. The hardcore manipulators — Tiffany and Frank — worked diligently to convince everyone of her disloyalty, and it sort of worked! While Tiffany got cozy with the other houseguests, Da’Vonne had one important question: “What the hell is this ‘Kumbaya’ session downstairs?”

Tiffany appeared to sway Nicole and Paulie, offering herself as a sacrificial lamb: “I’ll let you use me as a pawn if you want. I have nothing to lose.”

Then Da’Vonne got shadier and propositioned James with a plan to “cut” all the showmances. But she obviously forgot about James’ current romantic situation. #SMFH


In a BB way, we should have expected that Paulie’s brother, BB16 runner-up Cody, and Tiffany’s sister, BB17 third place finisher Vanessa, would pop up at some point. With the possibility of Tiff actually packing her bags, Julie Chen decided this was the opportune time.

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Cody thought Paulie had aligned himself well, especially with James, but had repeatedly advised the hunk of Calafiore to stay away from the ladies. His dad also said the same: “No women. Don’t get caught up in that.” Sorry about that, Zakiyah.

Vanessa worried that Tiffany’s game had been judged against hers, and had no love for Da’Vonne. But she applauded Tiff’s new alliance: “Now that she’s with Frank, I can see the fire in her eyes.”

Holy Unanimous!

The backdoor plot completely failed. With zero votes for either Natalie or Da’Vonne, Tiffany was sent home with plenty of hugs and an oddly kind farewell. She quickly threw her bag down and began a lovely interrogation with Julie.

Although Tiffany has no regrets about her short-lived alliance with Frank, she doesn’t feel the same regarding the Eight Pack: “The people I trusted the most, actually, were my enemies.” The best part of Tiffany’s send-off was undoubtedly Da’Vonne’s frenemy song, “I Beat You.” An excerpt: “You tried and failed, and I beat you.”

Game Changer

Battle Back is here! After announcing the competition-based second chance to a shocked Tiffany, Julie gave us the greatest recorded tapes of the previously evicted houseguests. Following their evictions, Glenn got into cooking, Jozea took up volleyball, Victor obviously worked out, and Bronte started swimming and tanning. God knows why they’d ever want to come back to Big Brother!

Big Brother 18
Big Brother 18 CBS

Things took a turn for the vicious when they all got candid about their strategies. Glenn hopes to take the vets out, Victor is gunning for Paulie, Jozea is done with Da’Vonne’s lies, and Bronte is now “in the business of being brutal.”

As a final good night, Chen announced the teams are no longer, and that the Roadkill Competitions are finished for the season. Now everyone’s officially on their own. Wham-bam — thank you, Ms. Chen!

The Battle Back episode airs on Friday, July 22, at 8 p.m. ET. Tune in to find out which evicted houseguest will win a second life in the BB house!

Big Brother airs on CBS Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET, Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET and Sundays at 8 p.m. ET. 

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