‘Big Brother’ Elimination Recap: Frank and Bridgette Are Split, Secret Room Solved

Is it the end for Frank? After Big Brother‘s live elimination episode on Thursday, July 28, the terrible twosome of Frank and Bridgette will be no longer.

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Although the majority of the BB house has made its intentions to evict Frank extremely clear, we can’t rule out Michelle’s dislike for Bridgette. The POV winner decided against using her power, but her epic bathroom fight with Bridgette could be a game-changer.

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Let’s also collectively congratulate Victor for battling his way back into the BB house and completely avoiding the chopping block. Plus, Julie Chen dropped a bomb about an undiscovered secret room!

So has Frank given up in order to keep Bridgette in the game? Or will Michelle cause an uprising and oust the Cabbage Patch Kid?

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POV Regrets

Following the POV ceremony, Michelle had an emotional breakdown about Frank possibly leaving, even though she chose to keep him on the block. Crying on his shoulder in the storage room, she complained, “I feel bad. I like you as a person. I don’t want you to leave. I’m having a day where I feel bad about everything.”

But girl has no one else to blame but herself, and Frank felt the same. Da’Vonne also didn’t have time to deal with Michelle’s nonsense, because in her mind, Frank is “the damn devil.”

Cracked Code

That BB secret didn’t take long to solve! After all the hype, it’s a bit disappointing that the houseguests solved the puzzle so quickly. A teaser appeared on the main monitor, and the houseguests began their hunt and ransacked the house in search of clues.

Paul quickly figured out that the green words hidden on the destination signs would lead him to Paris (i.e., the secret room). After finding “Call Paris” written on the tiny windows of a model airplane, he entered the unused phone booth upstairs and did just that.

Of course, he wanted to keep the joy of Paris to himself, so he played stupid with everyone else. But the rest of the house followed suit and crawled through the tiny red-lit tunnel. Once in, they grabbed a faux airplane ticket which could contain a return trip to the BB house. There was a 1 in 12 chance that Frank could return if evicted, and Da’Vonne lost it: “I’ve had dreams of him talking to Julie [Chen]. My life was a lot easier without Paris.”

BB Alliance #TBT

With 17 seasons under CBS’s belt, Big Brother has a lot of ex-contestants to interview. This week’s #TBT session featured the closest allies of the returning houseguests — Da’Vonne, Frank, Nicole and James.

First up was Da’Vonne’s go-to man, Jason. He chose to share that nothing’s changed in his life: “I’m still broke. I still live with my momma.” But he’s still pro-Da’Vonne, too. The BB17 houseguest admitted Da had gotten caught in her web a few times, but said, “If you’re willing to play the game hard, you’ve got to be willing for it to come back at you.”

Next came James’ semi-showmance partner, Meg. In the video flashbacks, James kind of professed his love for the blonde, but she didn’t quite feel the same: “We were always friends, solely friends.” Her advice for America’s favorite player circa 2015: “James needs to watch out for Da.”

Nicole’s ex-boyfriend and BB16 lover, Hayden, appeared with trimmed hair, and shared how weird it was to see Nicole engaged in another showmance. Yeah, we bet! But he gamely said, “I’m all for it. Do what makes you happy.”

Finally, BB winner Mike “Boogie” popped up to praise Frank the Tank. The playful pair were inseparable during BB14, but the pro didn’t have any love for Frank’s strategy: “I hate to be an armchair quarterback, but Frank is playing a terrible game. The worst decision he made was winning the road kills and telling everyone.”

Tank Eliminated

The eviction went as predicted, but not before Frank told the houseguests where to shove it. Turning toward Bridgette, he said, “Good luck inside and out of the house.” And then he whipped around and added, “To the rest of you, the opposite applies. Sorry, not sorry.” Shots fired!

Bridgette went with a sweet, nonchalant “thanks for everything” approach, and the voting began. Da’Vonne elatedly voted Frank out, and so did every other houseguest, including the supposedly regret-ridden Michelle.

Chen made a giant show of opening his new BB airline ticket, but it was a one-way. Yeah, figured 1 in 12 wasn’t great odds. She also announced the tickets expire on August 18, so they won’t be around for much longer.

Bridgette stole the show with her sweet parting words: “I have no regrets at all. I’ll never be ashamed of being called your Cabbage Patch Kid.”

Big Brother
The ‘Big Brother’ cast Monty Brinton/CBS

More Balls, Please

Is there a rule that balls must be present at every HOH competition? Like, seriously. Chen explained the competition, which involved a combination of table bowling and aiming for slots with high point values. In a rare show of compassion, Chen allowed the houseguests time to practice, so they all picked up their balls and got rolling.

However, once a houseguest decided to roll the designated red ball, they’re done, and that’s their final score. The winner is determined by score and who rolled it first — in case of a tie. Spoiler: No one rolled the real ball.

Help Them, America!

Although the new HOH wasn’t determined, Chen shared another twist. For America’s Care Package, viewers vote online to send weekly care packages to a selected houseguest. This week’s package: a Never Not pass. So the person picked is effectively done with slop. Each houseguest can only win once, so vote wisely!

Tell Us: Who do you want to be this week’s HOH?

Big Brother airs on CBS Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET, Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET and Sundays at 8 p.m. ET. 

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